Friday, September 9, 2016

How the Torah Has Changed Me

I am going on my second year of living more according to the Torah (I share my journey to Torah here). I look back and see that I have changed a great deal in a short amount of time.  

When I was a little girl I knew that when I grew up I wanted to marry and have children, and be a stay-at-home mom.  Of course I also had pipe dreams, but deep down, I really just wanted to be a wife and mother.  Thankfully, my Heavenly Father apparently wanted that for me as well!

I'm not going to make my life sound like a "Leave It to Beaver" episode, because like everybody, I have experienced challenges along the way.  I have had to learn to get over myself and to put other people's needs before my own. I'm not going to lie, I still struggle with this! I have never, and I mean NEVER enjoyed cooking, laundry is a never ending chore, and cleaning the house can also be mundane.  However, now those things (with the exception of cooking) have become much more bearable for me.  I will even go so far as to say that for the most part I now find joy in those every day tasks (again, with the exception of cooking). 


Well, the reason I think I've had such a change of heart is because my family and I started keeping the Sabbath set-apart.  Now I find myself looking forward to Friday - prep day - because it means the Sabbath is near!  I know that come sundown on Friday the Sabbath begins (see Genesis 1), and I will have that time set apart to worship the Father, and come Saturday, I will have that day to rest - just as the Father commanded! Yes! He commanded that we rest (see Exodus 20)! (why did I ever have a problem with that?)

Prep day is not a chore for me.  In a way I feel like I did when I would get ready for a date.  I wanted everything to perfect! Now, when I change the bed sheets I think about how nice it will be to climb into bed with those clean, fresh smelling sheets knowing that the following morning I can freely stay in them for a little longer than I normally would the other days of the week!  And when I am cleaning the house, I think of how nice it will be all the next day to not worry about any of those "trivial" things.  I will have the whole day to rest and to spend more time with the Father, as well as with my family and friends during our Torah study.

Speaking of spending time with friends - that is another way that the Torah has changed me.

I am an introvert, so being around a lot of people is not typically my thing.  However, since my family and I started following the Torah more closely, we see where the Father has instructed us to assemble together with other believers quite frequently.  We meet with others to bring in the Sabbath on Friday evenings.  We do this by having a meal together and afterward we worship the Father together, and we usually end the evening with more fellowship and dessert! I already mentioned that we get together with friends on Saturday for Torah study.  After the study we usually eat a meal together and continue our fellowship.

The other times that we assemble with others is during the Feast times (see Leviticus 23).

Feast of Unleavened Bread
First Fruits
Shavuot (aka Pentecost)

Feast of Trumpets
Day of Atonement
Feast of Tabernacles (this is an eight day celebration!)

Don't get me wrong, it's not like I was a complete hermit before, but now being around others doesn't bother me like it used to.  I actually look forward to these times because I know it is what the Father wants me to do.  I know that it pleases the Father when His children follow His Instructions, and I know that it pleases Him to see His children dwelling together in unity (Psalm 133).

I also want to add that I am a much better student of the Word than I was before.  I am more diligent in looking deeper into the Word for myself instead of just taking someone else's word for it (see Acts 17:11).  The Holy Spirit is giving me more insight and a better understanding to some passages that I once found difficult to understand.  The parables of Yeshua (Jesus) and the letters of Apostle Sha'ul (Paul) especially are more clear to me now!  I don't claim to have complete understanding about everything, but many things make much more sense than before.  Hallelujah!

Another way it has changed me (and you might have picked up on it), is that it has given me a strong desire to know the Hebrew language.  I really want to know how to read and understand the language in which the Torah was written.  So I try to use what I know (such as Yeshua, Yehovah [YHVH], Sha'ul, Shavuot, etc) so that it becomes more familiar to me.
So far the Torah has helped me to view my calling as a wife, mother, and homemaker more of a joy than before, and it has helped me to enjoy the fellowship of the Father and His children even more as well!  And in addition, I have a better understanding of His Word! Those are pretty big things - at least to me.

If you are interested in learning more about the Torah, I encourage you to search it out.  Just remember to begin anything and everything with prayer!! Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth.  There are many false teachings and false teachers out there, so always use discernment!!

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