Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Going Back to the Roots

 My garden continues to help me understand spiritual applications.  This morning while picking green beans, I noticed a vine with blue flowers mixed in.  I have not yielded a bumper crop of green beans so far this year, and I wonder if these blue flowers and their encroaching vines are the reason.

Getting to the green beans was quite challenging because of these invasive intruders; I thought of how they could be very symbolic on a spiritual level.  These pervasive weeds (to me they are weeds because I did not plant them and I don't want them in my garden) represent false teaching.  These false teachings look alive (and they very much are alive), and their leaves look very similar to the leaves of the green beans (truth), but they are not, well, green beans.

The darker green leaves on the left are the green bean leaves.

They grow just like the green beans grow, and they have become extremely entangled with the green beans.  In fact, it was very difficult to discern which vine was the weed (false teachings) and which was the green bean (truth). So, I decided that if I wanted to know which was which, I needed to go to the roots, and that is what I did.  I found a vine of the weed and traced it back to the ground where I found the root system.  Each time I did this, I found that the weed had grown up very near to the green beans and then wrapped itself around the green bean vine. There were so many of these weeds they were choking out the green beans!  Once I determined which was which, I yanked up the weeds.

That is what my family and I have been doing spiritually speaking.  We started noticing that some things in our lives that we have believed and participated in were not stemming from the truth of God's Word.  They were no more than weeds (false teachings) and they were choking out the true vine, which meant we weren't producing a bumper crop for YHWH.  We have been going back to the root system of our faith.  Recognizing that as children of YHWH, and being grafted in to Israel (Romans 11 talks about this), means that we are now part of Israel.  Therefore, we need to live as YHWH instructed Israel to live.  We need to follow His instructions, which is found in the Torah (the first five books of the Bible).

Going back to the root system has helped us to recognize what is truth and what is false.  We are now growing exponentially in our understanding of YHWH's Word!  We have learned more in the last six months that we have our entire lives!  Hopefully we will start seeing bumper crops soon - all for the glory of YHWH!
This picture is of a previous year's crop.
Another thing that I noticed is that the pests seem to go after the green beans more so than the weeds.  Hmmm... interesting!  I definitely see that in the spiritual realm as well.  Satan doesn't go after false teachings, now does he?  Nope. He goes after the truth and he does his best to distort our perspective of the truth.  In fact, he plants false teachings in close proximity so that it is difficult to discern at first glance which is which.  That is why it is vital for Believers to go to the root system!

Now, can we produce fruit even with some false teaching in our lives?  Yes, I believe so.  I can look back and see when and where YHWH used me & my family and blessed us in spite of not following His Word completely - in spite of the false teachings.  However, He has promised that when we walk in obedience, blessings will be abundant - we'll have a bumper crop!  I truly believe that I can speak for my family in that we would much rather benefit from YHWH's blessings because of what we believe and do instead of in spite of it. Does that make sense?

If you are a Believer and Follower of Yeshua (Jesus Christ), and you want to know more about the root system of your faith, I encourage you to do the research.  First of all, search the Torah. Go back to the beginning.  Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth (John 16:13).  Find out how the Bible defines truth (John 17:17, Psalm 119:142, Romans 2:20, Matthew 5:18). Find out what YHWH says about your current belief system and the things you participate in in the way of worshiping Him.  He makes it clear in the Torah how He wants to be worshiped.  Remember that often times it is difficult to discern what is beneficial, so go back to the roots.

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