Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Yesterday's Regrets

Toiling within,
Feeling inadequate,
Tied up in knots.

No one to blame.
Yesterday is gone.
Regrets remain.

Knowing, yet not believing
Things don't really matter.
Internal struggles rage war,
Mind and spirit wrestling within.

Light ahead, 
Legs dead weight.
Hope calling out, 
Body resists.
Not wanting to be left,
Too tired to try again.

This started out as a simple vent of mild frustration with my not excelling in certain areas of my life. However, it took a darker turn.  I kept it just because I thought it was something that others could relate to because I have been in a dark place before. 

I thought about trying to make it end on a happier note, but there are times in our lives when we simply need to express those unhappy thoughts.  We just need to let it out there, and in doing so, most often than not, what we're really doing is fishing to see if someone, anyone else has an inkling of our despair.  Well, I do!  BUT, I also know that there truly is hope.  There really is a way out.  There is Someone Who not only knows, but has come out of the other side and offers LIFE - abundant life! (see John 10:10) Jesus Christ is my Redeemer.  He is my Healer.  He is my best Friend!  I am so thankful that He didn't allow me to stay in that dark place, but pulled me out of the miry clay and set my feet upon a rock! (see Psalm 40:1-3)

If you can relate to the poem I shared, I pray that you will eventually call out for Jesus, if you haven't already.  If you ever need a listening ear, I am available.  I might not have all the answers, but I'll be glad to listen, and if you like, share my journey. 

There is Victory Over the DarknessJesus is  The Bondage Breaker.  There is freedom in Christ

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