Friday, February 15, 2013

Faithful God

I have been reading through the Bible, starting in Genesis, and I am currently in Joshua.  I started my reading with the intention of marking every reference to prayer that I see.  I went into this with the idea that I would find many instances to man crying out to God, which I have, HOWEVER, there are also times when it is God calling out to man!  I am amazed at how intimate God was (and is) with His children.  He truly wanted (and wants) to be engaged in their lives.  God even revealed Himself to a man who wasn't a follower (see story about Balaam in Numbers 22). What was striking to me is that he, Balaam, didn't question whether or not it was God speaking.  How many times do I question whether or not I'm hearing God's voice?

Moses and Joshua have really impressed me with the amount of faith they displayed on a regular basis.  They weren't perfect men, but God used them nonetheless.  This morning I was reading in Joshua.  So far what I have read about him tells me that he obeyed God - no questions asked!  Moses, on the other hand, debated God from time to time before obeying. At one time Moses did things his way instead of God's, which consequently caused Moses to miss out on going into the promised land (see Numbers 20).      

Lately I have been seeking the Lord concerning faith. Specifically miracle-producing faith.  I have been asking Him to show me opportunities where I can practice this kind of faith.  Last night my husband I went to celebrate our anniversary at Shogun's Japanese Restaurant.  I noticed that our waitress grimaced when she carried the trays to the table.  I thought her shoulder was troubling her (my husband said he thought it was her wrist, but that's beside the point).  I felt that the Holy Spirit was prompting me to ask her if I could pray for her.  I kept waiting for her to come to me so that I could stop her and do just that.  She would come and go so quickly I didn't realize she had been there until she was gone!  I was determined to go through with this simple request that God had asked of me, however, I ended up leaving the restaurant without following through. While walking back to the truck, I felt so sad. I knew that I was grieving the Holy Spirit by not praying for that lady.  Immediately I started wallowing in regret and remorse.  I confessed to God and asked Him to please not give up on me.  I really do want to learn what it is to live in miracle-producing faith!  I want to be used by God to draw people to Jesus Christ!

This morning I was again deeply saddened by my lack of obedience.  Reading about Joshua's faith and obedience only magnified my deficiency.  I was talking to God about it - again, confessing - again, when the song "Faithful God" starting going through my mind.  I then realized that God was reassuring me that HE IS FAITHFUL and He will NOT give up on me!  I was so humbled and grateful!  What a wonderful God I serve!

Lyrics to song: 

Faithful God, ever true.
You are the One that we lean upon.
Faithful God, Lord, it's You; 

You are the One that we look upon.
Every day, Lord, Your mercies are new; 
Every day, Lord, we're trusting in You. 
Faithful God, You stay the same.
You will not change; 
Your promise is true. 
Faithful God, we lift up one voice. 
We've made a choice, and we put our trust in You. 
Faithful God. 

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