Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Want More!

This morning I felt the Holy Spirit stirring within me, compelling me to approach my God in earnest prayer.  Even now, I still feel the Spirit moving me to act.  Sharing on this blog is a miniscule way, but I believe it's one way that pleases Him.

There is so much more that God wants OF us and FOR us (the Church)!  We are cheating ourselves out of witnessing God's miracles because we are content with complacency.  He desires to show us things, tell us things that we do not know: "Call to Me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know." Jeremiah 33:3

God is a god of miracles! He need only speak and galaxies explode into splendor! He breathed life into a dusty form and man awoke to life!  The earth is filled with His majesty and yet we go about our daily lives barely taking notice of our Divine Maker.

Jesus performed miracles on a daily basis during His earthly ministry.  He said that we (His disciples) would be able to do even greater things! (see John 14:12) Jesus knew that after His death, burial, and resurrection He would extend that power to everyone who would believe in Him and confess Him as Lord!  (see Romans 10:9-10).  He knew that the Holy Spirit would come and fill us up with HIS power to continue His miracle-filled ministry on earth! (see Ephesians 3)

But we seem to think that those days are over.  Now is the time to sit back and enjoy our salvation, but nothing more.  We are not moved to reach out to the lame, the deaf or the blind.  We don't believe that God wants to do any more miracles.  If we did believe that, then we would be crying out to Him to do these very things through US for the glory of Christ!

Jesus did not spend His time on Earth quietly sitting in the temple listening to man's interpretation of the Scriptures.  He lived the Scriptures!

He attended to the needs of the sick, the dying - even the dead!  He rebuked demons and they had to release their victims.  He healed those with physical and spiritual infirmities.  He loved on people and told them how to find God for themselves personally.  I want to do that!  I want the Holy Spirit to move in me and move me to action!

God, help me, I want more! 

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