Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How much is enough?

LOTS on my mind these days. A few days ago I completed a Bible study called "Living Like You Belong to God", a Precept Ministries study. There were some hard things for me to swallow in this one. Overall it's a study on how we, as believers in Jesus Christ, are to be holy. The things I am trying to sort out are: 1) concerning the foods we eat, and 2) recognizing/respecting government authority. There was more to the study, but these two issues are the ones I don't feel I have completely or accurately embraced. I'm not even sure how to fully explain my thought process on these issues - I am that torn. I trust the Holy Spirit to reveal to me at the proper time exactly what He wants me to understand WHEN He wants me to understand it. My salvation is secure regardless of whether or not I choose to continue to eat pork, however, I sincerely want to be holy for God is holy.

As far as government authority is concerned, I am torn in how far my respect for my leaders is expected to go. I mean there are not very many political leaders worthy of respect these days. The decisions being made supposedly on our behalf go against my principles! Is it wrong for me to desire and even demand that the people I vote for stand up for what is right? Is it wrong for me to stand up for what is right? I honestly don't know how much is enough.

To add to those thoughts concerning government participation, are the concerns I have regarding the stability of our nation and even the globe. It appears that this supposed "New World Order" is closer than ever before. George Soros is a man who is promoting this agenda more and more. There are university professors and community organizers encouraging "revolution", even specifying "striking", "blocking streets", "closing down schools", etc. There are even radical ideas concerning "population reduction", which I believe goes beyond the abhorrent Planned Parenthood.

So why do these things concern me? The dilemma, in my mind, is how much involvement is enough? It seems to be that all of these things are happening because we are in the end times. So I wonder if I am just to sit back and watch it all happen, or am I supposed to step up and speak up? Anyone following me? Like I said, my thoughts go around and around so much on these issues that I get frustrated.

To those close to me, you know how passionate I am about being informed, being educated, being aware of what's going on. BUT IS THAT ENOUGH?!

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