Saturday, December 25, 2010

White Christmas in the South

We woke up to a white Christmas! I've lived in the south all my life, and I don't recall this ever happening here. I'm not a big fan of snow, but I must admit that waking up on Christmas morning to inches of snow was really neat. My kids thoroughly enjoyed playing in it and building a snowman. The dog didn't seem to appreciate it too much, though.

As I was thinking about this small "miracle", I couldn't help but thank God for it and ask Him to let the snow be a sign of larger miracles that I know others are in need of. Physical healing, restored marriages, jobs/financial security, just to name a few. God is still a God of miracles. Christmas is, in fact, a celebration of the greatest miracle of all - the birth of our Savior. Waking up to snow was, to me, a beautiful reminder that God continues to extend His love toward us in a variety of ways.