Monday, October 18, 2010

an unpopular position

Let me start by admitting that my family has participated in past events that we now regret. I'm referring to Halloween. Although my kids have never technically done the "trick or treat" thing, our local church body has always provided some sort of "alternative" that we have participated in. In the earlier years it was a skating party where the church rented a local rink so that it was only our people who attended. The kids dressed up in a "nice" costumes. There was always a costume contest and of course the insane amount of candy to take home. Then a few years this changed into a "trunk or treat" event where the church members decorate their car trunks or truck beds in some sort of theme, and again the kids (and adults) dressed up. However, with this type of event it was opened up to the community with the hopes that it would be an "outreach" to them; you know, an opportunity to share Christ and our faith. A contest was held for the best in show, if you will. With the event being open, however, there is no control over the costumes. This means, of course, that anybody can show up with, say, an ax appearing to be slicing through their skull, or girls coming scantily dressed up as Elvira, etc.

I will say that throughout the years of participating in these events, I felt deep down that it was wrong. I just didn't want to "deprive my children of the fun", and calling it an "alternative" somehow eased the guilt - a little. But now that I have "grown up" (are you tired of my quotation marks yet?), I realize how wrong my husband and I have been in allowing this to go on. We've talked to our kids about it and ironically they both say that they've never really enjoyed it, either! What a shame! We've been sell-outs for no reason whatsoever!

Now I know, trust me, I KNOW that most people don't see the harm in Halloween. This is only because they (used to be WE) don't want to see the harm. As my husband said, all you have to do is look at the movies that come out every year to see how wicked Halloween is. Last year we decided to not watch TV during the month of October because of the commercials that come on (even on the "child-friendly" channels) advertising horror movies and such.

I have researched the origins of Halloween more thoroughly, and while I could share with you the information that I came across, I'm not going to. After all, you can google it for yourself if you are so inclined. Again, I'll agree with my husband that all you have to do is look around you. What is glorified during this time of year? Death. Fear.

Of course there are also multiple Scriptures I could share with you, but again, I'll leave that up to the one who really wants to know. If for some reason you don't have access to the Bible and you sincerely want to know, ask me and I'll be glad to provide those resources.

Another unpopular view - and this one is going to probably hurt the most - is concerning Christmas. I will be upfront and tell you that I deliberately have NOT looked into everything that coincides with this holiday simply because I don't know if I have enough fight in me! (I know as I type this that I will eventually research more fully our Christmas traditions and their origin. I just don't like to remain ignorant of things if I can help it). What do I mean? Well, I'm pretty sure that most of our symbols (ie, the tree, wreath, lights, etc.) are from pagan rituals, and if that is true, then I will not want to have any part of it. And of course, good ole St. Nick is near and dear to almost everyone's heart. Some of my closest friends practice the Santa tradition, and they know where I stand, yet by the grace of God we still remain close friends!

So those are just a couple of the unpopular positions that I take along with a lot of flack, I might add! However, I won't be answering to any man for my decisions; I'll be facing my Almighty God, and I desperately desire for Him to be pleased and Jesus Christ glorified.

Where do you stand?

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D said...

My church also had a trunk-or-treat when I was younger and I never really enjoyed it either. Nor did I really feel all that left out not going trick-or-treating. It's always seemed like a fairly ridiculous holiday.