Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Made in USA

Lately I have become more aware of where items are made. Generally speaking, China has the market on pretty much EVERYTHING! It's extremely difficult to find things that are not made there.

Today while folding the laundry, I noticed that one of my husband's shirts that has a "USA" logo on the front was made in Pakistan of all places! How crazy is that? I wonder if the person who made the shirt silently cursed it as well. It angers me that so many of our goods are from other countries. If and when I do find items that are made in the USA, they are considerably higher priced. That's why China has the market! We shop according to our pocket books - we really have no choice. At least not the average, middle-classed, working American anyway.

I have been trying to stay away from the foreign made products as much as possible. I was pleased to find a few clothing articles made in the USA the other day at Kohl's. I found some socks (Vera Wang brand - though most of her stuff is not made in the USA) and underwear (Jockey brand). Stein Mart and Dress Barn also offer tops and dresses that are USA made. My best friend sells Premier Jewelry and ALL of it is American made. So, it's not completely impossible, just extremely challenging. I bought baby clothes for my cousin's first baby at Posh Mommy. They were about twice the cost of the everything else, though. I really have to remind myself concerning the cost that it has to be worth it to support our own. If nobody buys USA brand items, then it's only going to get worse. Now more than ever I think we need to sacrifice when we can to support our country and her workers. Maybe I'm naive, maybe I'm silly, but I am an AMERICAN and I want to help however I can.

As a side note, back in the day, my grandparents and even my mom, worked in a cotton mill. It was called Merrimack Mill and later changed to Huntsville Manufactoring Co. I remember them coming home with cotton on them from head to toe. They always looked so tired, too. We lived right across the street from the mill. I wrote a poem about memories of living in Granny's house and shared it here. I found this interesting article about Merrimack providing cotton overseas (it's very short).

I also wanted to share this link with you. It gives information on different companies with American-made products. Support the USA whenever you are able and God bless America!


Mandie said...

My parents live in Huntsville!

Mark (under construction) said...

We've got the same deal over here ...

my thing with the el cheapo overseas things is the harsh conditions many are forced to labour under.

This I can not support in trying to save a couple of dollars.