Monday, March 8, 2010

Did you feel the mountain tremble?

OK, I've tried not to talk about the obvious, but I can't help myself any longer. Have you noticed the increase in earthquakes lately? Now I know that earthquakes happen pretty much every day, but I'm talking about these rather LARGE and STRONG earthquakes. Haiti, Japan, Chile, and now Turkey, just in the last few months. There were even smaller ones in Oklahoma and Illinois! How crazy is that? Here is a link about earthquakes in history.

My husband told me after the Chile earthquake that one of his co-workers commented, "What's up with all these earthquakes?". Dwight replied, "Haven't you read the Book?" After a pause and then realization, he said, "Oh yeah! Where is that found, anyway?" "Matthew 24", Dwight told him.

Off and on I check out this website to have a look at the earthquakes world wide. I find it interesting, and hopeful. Yes, I said "hopeful". I can NOT wait for the return of my Lord, and He said earthquakes are a sign that we should look for before His return! Get your Bible and read Matthew 24. If you don't have a Bible, but have internet access (which you obviously do if you're reading this), then click on the links I've provided, that takes you to

Come, Lord Jesus!

Are you ready?

UPDATE! A few hours after I posted this entry, I read this article on Fox News. Apparently I jumped the gun. The increased frequency of earthquakes is merely coincidental. My bad! (not!)


Pam said...

I was thinking the same thing last week.

Tony M said...

"Come, Lord Jesus, Come!" Fully agreed!

Taking your lead, I also posted on recent earthquake activity. Slightly different angle into the same topic, though, I think. (Not contradictory, per se; you'll just have to read it to see what I mean.)