Saturday, December 19, 2009

a nice day

Today the kids and I went to my grandmother's house for one of our Christmas get-togethers. It was a nice day, except that we didn't really have a long enough visit. I only see most of this side of the family once or twice a year, and an hour or two at a time really doesn't suffice. This year, my cousin Bryan and his wife bought us a gift, which isn't the norm. The gift was right up my alley! It was a basket of tea, coffee and chocolate with two mugs. It's as if they read my mind! ;0) I will thoroughly enjoy it.

They also bought my kids shirts - which they both really like.

Bryan is a hoot! He always entertains us with his silliness. He has an elf hat with elf ears that he wears.

The kids and I had to leave the family get-together a bit early. Haley had a piano recital in town. She has practiced her piece for a long time now and so she didn't want to miss the recital. She played "Concerning Hobbits" from the Lord of the Rings and she nailed it!

This is Haley, her piano teacher, Quentin, Jeff, Dawson's guitar teacher, and Dawson.


Pam said...

Love those elf ears! Sounds like you had a great time, to bad it couldn't have lasted longer!

Dean Lusk said...

Slightly late to the commenting party...

The elf photo was an attention-getter for me, too. I'm not sure whether I think Bryan looks funny, scary, or Christmas-spirity.

Merry Day After Christmas!