Monday, August 31, 2009

my daughter's blog

Evidently, blogging runs in the family. My daughter has had her own blog for quite some time. Now she has two! She recently started up a blog called "There and Back Again" in honor of the Lord of the Rings series. She is currently reading Fellowship of the Ring and so her blog is based on that book as well as the movie. I'm very pleased that she is reading this book and hope that she continues with the others in the series. Reading is a passion of mine, and I hope that Haley finds as much joy as I do from reading. I find that it's a great escape; who doesn't need to escape every once in a while? I hope you follow the link and leave her a nice comment or two. ;0) There's nothing like a little link love, you know?


Pam said...

Glad she is enjoying the series. Reading is one of my favorite escapes too.

Terry said...

I love reading, too. And "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy is my favorite series of movies.

Mark (under construction) said...

Great series!!! A blog I have found is a way to formulate ideas and see what others think.