Wednesday, July 15, 2009

not living up

Well, my husband shared with me yesterday that I've let him down concerning our garden this year. I feel bad about that, but my heart hasn't been in it this time around. You see, I was late in planting, then it rained and rained and flooded the garden. Then the rain ceased for a long time and well, it just hasn't been as great as last year, so I haven't been consistently tending to things. You can barely see one of the plants because the grass is so tall! I think next year I won't be using horse manure to fertilize it. The manure has way too much grass seed in it and it's too much work. Another thing I won't be using is those wire cage thingies that are supposed to support the tomato plants. They are just not sturdy enough and now my plants are bent over once again, making it difficult to actually find the tomatoes. The only thing that has really produced well this year are the bell pepper plants, and boy are they producing! My cucumber plant didn't make it at all, so I'm missing out on the fresh cucumbers this year. The corn has also been a disappointment, but in a way I'm glad because like I said, my heart isn't into it and if I'm glad I don't have to do a lot of freezing.

I really do hate that I've disappointed my husband, though. I semi-jokingly said to him, "I can't be all things to all people!", but he didn't buy it. *sigh* I will have to invest more time and money into the next garden. I intend to put down weed control of some sort, like plastic or a bunch of mulch or SOMETHING. I will still stay away from poisons though, because that would be defeating the purpose of growing our own food, if you ask me. I'll also try to start another compost pile and keep it going this time.

OK, so enough rambling about my short-comings for today. I apologize for not having anything more interesting or entertaining to share with you. My life has been rather ordinary lately, which can be a very good thing because that means there are no crises happening!

If you haven't watched the video I shared in the previous post, go ahead - you'll never forget it. ;0)


Caryn said...


Just to make you feel better, my garden has been a disappointment this year, not for the reasons you mentioned, but because the birds have been relentless, plus we have a bunny that likes to eat my bean plants. We had only one meal of green beans, and the tomatoes have been sorry, too. That makes my husband sad, because it means just a little bit of salsa this year. My peppers are so-so, but the squash and eggplants are doing okay. We put up a fake owl last week and that seems to deter the birds for now, but alas, it is too little, too late. I guess our canning expedition will have to wait until another year.

Pam said...

My garden hasn't done well this season either. I am going to try a new soil preparation method I read about in the paper and see if it causes less need for weeding.
I hate that!

Brenda said...

It's so funny... a few times your garden has popped into my mind. And then I picture the photo you posted when it flooded. I've been wanting to ask how it's going. Now I know and I'm sad for you. Glad you got some peppers out of it though. Do you make a stuffed bell pepper dish?

Christy said...

Brenda, I've thought about trying stuff bell peppers, but honestly they've never really appealed to me all that much, so I probably won't. I've just been freezing most of them and munching on them raw. Last night we had roast beef and green peppers sandwiches and that was good.