Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Georgia Fun

This past weekend we went to Georgia. The main attraction for us was to see my brother, Daniel, in his Army boot camp graduation. The ceremony itself was very short. It had to be moved indoors due to threat of rain, so they were not able to do all of the gun and tank demos that were originally planned. It was still a pretty nice ceremony, though. I was very impressed by the intensity of the soldiers' response to their drill sergeants and in their reciting the Army creed (I think it's called a "creed"). Anyway, we are very proud of Daniel and his accomplishments. Pray for him as he will be stationed in Korea.

We stayed at a campground about 30 minutes from the Fort Benning Army base. It was a pretty nice campground. It had a beautiful swimming pool that we had to ourselves for the most part! The facilities also included a small gym, a sauna, massages were available (for a price, I'm sure), a lounge with big screen cable tv and coffee bar. The price of the stay included cable tv and wireless internet. We really like to rough it when we camp, you know. ;0)

The day after the graduation, we went to Atlanta, about an hour drive away, to see the Georgia Aquarium. It was very enjoyable (once you got over the sticker shock!). The tunnel was the best part. Being underneath all of those sea creatures was very impressive. It's the closest I will EVER want to be to them. The manta ray was my favorite; even though they are kind of creepy, I still think they're beautiful to watch as they glide through the water. The kids favorite part was the touch pool where they could pet the sting rays (stingers removed) and small sharks. We enjoyed a 4-D 15 minute movie but had to pass on the Titanic film because it was extra $$$.

All in all it was a great few days. More happy memories were made.

We celebrated two birthdays while we away - my daughter's birthday was the 5th and my husband's was the 7th. Also on the 7th, my brother Daniel got married while he was home. We weren't able to make that ceremony because, well, we didn't know about it until Thursday and we had already made plans to stay in Georgia until Sunday! Oh well, I guess we can't always make it to every thing. This Friday, Lord willing, we will be hosting a family gathering for Daniel before he takes off to Korea. It will be sad to see him go, but like I've said, we are very proud of him.


Mandie said...

By creed, do you mean oath of office?

Congrats to your brother! Some of our cadets are stationed in Korea right now.

Caryn said...

It is good to get away and have some good family fun! Please tell Daniel how much we appreciate what he is doing for our country!

Tony M said...

Sounds like an enjoyable trip! And the pictures are very nice. You should as Ninfa about our visit to the Georgia Aquarium.

Brenda said...

What a nice picture of you guys, and Daniel looks so handsome! I'll pray that he'll be safe. I have a nephew that's in the Marines. He was in Iraq for a while and now is stationed in Hawaii.

That camping place sounds like my kind of roughing it. Especially the gym and pool. :)