Tuesday, June 2, 2009

13 and counting

I'm writing this today because on Friday I'll be in Fort Benning, GA (Lord willing) watching my brother, Daniel, in his Army graduation ceremony. That same day my daughter will be having her 13th birthday! Where does the time go? I still remember being 50 lbs heavier while carrying her around inside, wobbling with every step I took and hoping that "today's the day", yet terrified at the same time that it would be. She was due (supposedly) on May 25th, but decided to hang around a few extra days, so I was really, really ready for her to arrive.

I won't bore you with gorey and boring details of my labor, but I will say it was an extremely long ordeal, but it was oh so worth it! Dwight and I elected NOT to have the doctor tell us if our baby was a boy or girl, but I KNEW with all my being that she was a girl. When the she was born and the doctor said, "It's a girl!" I was elated! Then when we heard her cry it was the most beautiful sound I'd ever heard. Her voice was raspy and deep for a girl. In fact, all our family and friends on the other side of the door thought we had a boy instead. When they found out she's a girl, my best friend said that she has an alto voice. ;0)

Well, here we are 13 years later. I can't say enough good things about my daughter. She is such a joy and a blessing. God has enriched our lives so much because of this precious girl, or I should say "lady" now. She is loving and kind, talented and intelligent, and she is even very responsible. She is trust worthy and respectful of others (with the exception of her brother from time to time, but that's only natural). She has yet to demonstrate your typical teenager's attitude and I pray that she never does.

Today she wants to get her ears pierced. We will be going to pick up her friend and then we'll head to the store. I was the same age when I got my ears pierced and so I told her years ago that 13 was a good age for something like that. She's also excited about this year's birthday because she will be old enough to get her own debit card. Since she is very responsible, we're going to allow her to do so. Her brother, on the other hand, probably not when he's 13! ;0) Isn't it funny how different our children can be sometimes?

Well, thanks for going down memory lane with me and sharing the joy of my precious daughter. I simply cannot thank my God enough for her - for both of my children. It was the birth of my children that brought me so much closer to my heavenly Father than I ever thought possible. I can see so much more clearly how much He loves me and why.

Thank you, Father, for the gift of my children. I pray that Dwight and I will raise them to be godly, holy followers of You and Your Son. Amen!


LRAQUILA said...

Happy birthday to Haley! What a precious, mature and Godly young lady she is!! I remember my 13th birthday was special because I also got my ears pierced too. She is sure to remember this day:)

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday to your darling daughter! She's officially a teenager. My husband and I were bracing ourselves for the teen years, but thank the Lord, there were no problems. I'm sure her teen years will be wonderful. The birth of my son brought me closer to the Lord as well. How fun that she's getting her ears pierced. Have fun celebrating!

Terry said...

Happy birthday to your daughter!

Caryn said...

Please give Haley a hug for me and wish her a Happy Birthday. She is indeed a precious and beautiful young lady. You and Dwight are blessed to be her parents, and she is blessed to have you as parents! Enjoy your trip on Friday and drive carefully!

Mandie said...

Happy Birthday, Haley!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mom!