Monday, April 27, 2009

No more failing grades?

I worry about my kids not learning what they need to under my guidance. Well, at least I know they ARE learning something and that their grades are well earned, whatever they might be. Apparently these days some public schools are no longer giving out an "F" for failing; or at least their not calling an "F" an "F". Now it's an "H" for "held". So, if your a kid in one of these public schools, and you don't turn in your homework or pass your tests - NO PROBLEM! We'll (the school) just give you an "H" and call your grade "held" to give you ANOTHER opportunity to try. I'm sorry, but everyone has the same opportunity, and if you don't take it the first time around, you shouldn't get a second chance. I mean, come on! Here's the link to the article. I promise, I'm not making this up. I just don't get it. Are we so afraid to hurt someone's feelings, that now giving someone who doesn't pass the grade the "F" they deserve is considered wrong, or politically incorrect? It's beyond ridiculous! I just don't get it.


Pam said...

Wow! I haven't heard of that. I knew that most teachers would give you a chance to redo your work. That's been happening for a long time.

Dog snob said...

Yeah, it's getting pathetic. If kids can't fail, how can they learn to pass??

LRAQUILA said... blood pressure just went up a great deal....When I taught in the public schools we could not fail/retain a student more than once..if they had already repeated a grade, we had to 'place' them in the next grade. Meaning...they got to go to the next grade....ready or not......and they knew this, and so did their parents. So many did not even try!!!! We also had administrators who told us not to put lower than a 60 or 62 on the report card...yes, we could put an F, but not to put the true would look bad to put the real grade on there!!!! Well, off to take my blood pressure meds!!!!!

Anonymous said...

While I understand your anger and disillusion with public schools, I have to admit that my first response was not what you might think. When I read, "I'm sorry, but everyone has the same opportunity, and if you don't take it the first time around, you shouldn't get a second chance. I mean, come on!" I thought, Thank God, the Lord of Heaven and Earth gives second, third even fourth opportunities. I know there will come a time when those opportunities will end but I am glad I serve a Savior full of compassion. Just my two cents.


Christy said...

Deanna, I appreciate your thoughts and opinion. I agree, and am equally grateful that God is the God of second chances. My post, however, was talking about the opportunity we all have for education, not grace unto salvation. My frustration regarding this situation is that teachers are hindered in distributing the grades that reflect a student's efforts and understanding. From what I understand, in SOME public schools, no student receives a failing grade even if they refuse to do their work. That does not make a bit of sense. All this does, in my OPINION, is encourage laziness and apathy. Why should other students work hard for their grades if those who don't even try get the same opportunities? Thanks for leaving your comment. I truly do appreciate your input.