Friday, January 30, 2009

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you

I like getting songs stuck in other people's heads! he he! Lately I've had a couple of those 'random things about me' tags. You know the thing where you write about yourself and tag your friends telling them to write about themselves, send it to you and then to other people and so on and so on it goes. Personally, I like those things. I have found that people will write more than they will tell, so I am always learning new things about my friends. I won't do that here, since I think I've done something similar to it before. I just wanted to ask you whether or not you like that sort of thing or do you find it annoying? Is it just another junk e-mail that you ignore? I've noticed that more women participate in these things than men. Why do you think that is?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

back to normal

For the past several days I've been in extreme pain from a dumb ole abscessed tooth. It's crazy how such a small thing can cause such big problems. I've always had bad teeth. I brush my teeth more than anyone else I know, yet I'm the one who gets cavities and all the other fun stuff that goes along with bad teeth. Yesterday I had part 1 of a root canal. I think I'd rather give birth again as opposed to having a root canal. I don't know, it's a close call. It was quite comical yesterday trying to eat after the procedure. My mouth and tongue completely numb and feeling thrice their size. I attempted to eat yogurt, but since I could barely open my mouth, most of it when on my face. Thankfully no one was home to see my struggle, so I maintained some dignity (except now I'm telling you about it). I drank through a straw all day, and those little buggers can be annoying when you're trying to chase them with a numb tongue. Then when I finally got the straw and drank in, I could feel only the one side of my face reacting - weird. As the day went on, more and more feeling returned but not completely restored. My kids were watching America's Funniest Home Videos on TV and laughing their heads off, so I thought I would join them. Well, it hurts to laugh after having a root canal, but at the same time it felt good. My son wants us to send in a video of him sumo wrestling, but I told him I think the show is only in syndication, so they're not taking new videos anymore. Oh well, he'll have to make his ten grand some other way. Right now I am enjoying my first cup of coffee in a few days. Ah, the little things in life: laughter, coffee, family. Yep - today is a good day!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dirty minded

I know there is still a good bit of winter left, but I've started trying to get ready for my garden. I don't want it to sneak up on me like most things do. I got out my copy of The Vegetable Garderner's Bible and my Mother Earth News magazines and re-read some things, leaving post-it notes here and there. I've decided to definitely plant more corn this time, but cut back on the cucumbers. I might try strawberries, but I'm unsure about that. I thoroughly enjoyed having fresh produce last season, and it felt good knowing where it came from.

On a different note, I have a tooth that is bothering me. Considering the bad experience I had the last time I went to the dentist, I am not a happy girl right now. Especially since it's the tooth that was JUST FINE, thank you very much! Until the dentist messed with it, that is!

Today has been stressful for me. Things have been building up. They're not big things, just a multitude of the little stuff that can get to a person after a while (at least this person). Hopefully I'll be over it by the morning, or tonight would be even better. This toothache isn't helping the situation, though. There's only such much Advil can do, you know? A little get-away would be nice, but that ain't gonna happen. I am taking a break from school next week, so maybe that will work just as well. We shall see.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Near to my heart

I probably shouldn't be trying to write about something serious at this hour; it's almost my bedtime. But this has been on my mind throughout the day and I wanted to attempt to share with you something that is very near to my heart. I am extremely blessed to be part of a group of ladies who sing praises to our God. "Abounding Grace", the group that we have now has been together, I think, for four or five years. We sing whenever the opportunity arises, so it's not a year-round type of thing; yet when we are together it's like we never parted. God has truly blessed our relationship to the point that no matter how much time goes by, we can pick up right where we left off. We have a kinship that would make the closest of blood sisters envious. I have been involved with several musical groups throughout my life, but this one is the dearest, most treasured of them all. When we begin to sing together it's as if we have ascended to the very throne of God! There are many times that I just want to weep because His presence is so real. It's like no other experience. Of course my attempt at describing it to you pales in comparison. If only I could delineate (how's that for the word of the day?). Thankfully we are currently working on several songs. We have been asked to lead the worship at a womens retreat in February. I can't tell you how excited I am to be singing with my sisters again! Even when we're only rehearsing in the old portable, it still feels like we're in heaven. It gives me a glimpse of what singing in heaven must be like. God is the center - our audience of one! Our mouths open, our voices rise, angels watch in awe because they can't sing the redemption story! Oh how glorious it is to sing to Abba! I'm am so blessed. I write with tears in my eyes because of God's goodness and grace. What a wonderful priviledge it is to sing with my sisters.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm sorry, what did he/she say?

OK, so I'm a little late on getting out an inaugural post, but that's no biggie, right? I don't know about you, but I still don't know what President Obama REALLY had to say, or the lady who recited a poem. All I remember from today's events is something. about making. music with wooden. spoons. and darning. a uniform. Heh? Maybe it's just me, I dunno. I did, however, enjoy the music beforehand with Yoyo Ma on the cello.

Other than that, I was disappointed in this "historical day". Maybe it takes too much to impress me. Again, I dunno. (I bet some of you hate that I say "dunno", dont'cha?) ;0) LOL! I'm a little stinker that way.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The kingdom of heaven was made for such as these...

I couldn't resist sharing this video clip with you. I got a kick out of the little girl saying, "Mommy and Daddy helped me."

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Totally off the subject

Why I'm telling you this is beyond me, except that I thought it was hilarious, and I always enjoy a good laugh. Guys, if this is TMI, I apologize. So I'm getting ready for church one morning and while I'm working on my hair, arms raised high, my husband comes near and reaches for my armpit. Fearing that he's planning a tickle attack I try to jerk away (I ABHOR being tickled). Well, that wasn't his intention - this time - instead he had focused in on a wild hair! He tugged on it and made some comment that escapes my memory now. I asked him, "What, is it a wild hair?", "More like a patch of wild hairs!" Say what?! Evidently over a period of who knows how long, I have missed shaving an area under my arms, so I had this Euro-Madonna like thing going on! LOL! I'm thinking, "How in the world did I miss that?" Sure enough, it was balanced - BOTH underarms had hairy patches happening. Now I have to be more intentional while shaving. I mean, I wouldn't want to be in a car accident, wheeled into the ER and then distract the medical workers with my bushy pits, you know? EW - gross! OK, so after this mishap, I started wondering about whose idea was it for women to start shaving in the first place? I tried researching the history of shaving, but I didn't find anything that satisfied my curiosity, so to me it's still a mystery.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Excited About God's Word

I might have mentioned earlier (I can't recall) that I received a Chronological Bible for Christmas. Since I thoroughly enjoy history, this Bible is now a treasured item of mine. Just last night I began a new Beth Moore Bible study on the book of Esther. I knew I would like this study because of the historical information Beth is always faithful to share. This morning I had my first homework assignment to complete. Now that I have my chronological Bible, I was able to "see" where Esther fits on the historical timeline - so exciting! This might not seem terribly thrilling to you, but it is to me. I like knowing the details and God is a God of details! Some of the facts that have been pointed out in this study of Esther, is that God's name is not mentioned at all in this book. I never realized that before, because God's work was always evident to me in Esther's experience. Beth was helping us realize that God is still present even when He isn't "seen" - what a comfort that is. Another comfort that comes from this book, at least for me, is that God is sovereign. He sets up rulers to achieve His purpose:

Daniel 2:20-22 "Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his.
He changes times and seasons; he sets up kings and deposes them.
He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.
He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him."

I know those verses are from Daniel, but they apply to the events in Esther also, as well as our current times.

I also wanted to share with you that I know God wants me to participate in this study. My home church is offering this study on Tuesday mornings, but that time wouldn't work for me, and I was very disappointed. Then a dear friend of mine mentioned that the church where she is attending is offering this study on Tuesday NIGHTS, so I told her to sign me up and I would go with her. Isn't God cool that way? Yes, He is!

One of the questions Beth asked in the first day's homework was, "What are you hoping for as you begin this study?" My answer: "I want to be able to hear God more clearly, see Him more vividly, and feel His touch more intimantly".

(The picture used is Rembrandt Harmeszoon van Rijn's "Assuerus, Haman and Esther" 1660 Oil on canvas - public domain)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Am I being too hard on people?

I don't know about you, but it bugs me when celebrities voice their political views. If there is an actor/actress that I really enjoy watching in films or on TV, and then I hear them speaking out against the President or against Christian values, then I no longer have the desire to be entertained by them. So, am I being too hard on them? I mean, they are entitled to their opinions just as I am entitled to mine. I'm sure I might have said some things to people in the past that changed their opinion of me either good or bad. The latest celebrity turn-off for me is Anne Hathaway. She is in a few movies that the I really enjoy, especially Ella Enchanted. But now that she has openly shared her disgust with Rick Warren praying at the inauguration, I just want to brush her off. Not that Rick Warren is a close personal friend of mine. It's more the principle of having a Christian PRAY at the inauguration. Then there are the AFA alerts that I receive. The latest one being that Campbell's soup has decided "not to remain neutral" on the homosexual agenda. I don't agree with homosexuality, but homosexuals gotta eat, too, right? I don't know. How far do we take these things? I want to stand up for what is right, but then again I don't want to sweat the small stuff, you know? Maybe I'm reading too much into it all in the first place.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A proud day

Here's another example of how times flies. It seems only yesterday that my husband had his promotion ceremony with the fire department, but it was back in October! My husband was promoted from fire fighter to driver. He was very excited, as were the rest of us. I'm excited for him because it's an achievement for him, but mainly because it means he won't be going into the burning buildings nearly as often since he has to stay with the truck to pump the water. WHEW! That's a big load off of my mind. I've posted some pictures from that happy day. I just wanted to share with you some of the happier times of my life. I also want to add that even though my husband is considered a hero by many, he is mainly MY hero (go ahead, you can say it, "awwwww...")
Here he is receiving his badge and certificate.
I got to pin him!
Now Dwight's officially a driver . No he's not standing on anything, he really is that tall. He stands heads and shoulders above the rest. ;0)
Here he is with his family. Left to right: His dad, his mom, our daughter, our son, Dwight in back, me, my cousin, who is also Dwight's district chief. We have four family members in the fire department - hopefully soon to be five! Two are captains, one district chief, a driver, and hopefully one day soon another fire fighter.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I tried to think of a more original title for today's post, but apparently I still have the same brain that I had in '08, so nothing new came to mind. Have you seen all of the "Best of .... in '08" headlines? I've seen the headlines, but I haven't read any of the articles just yet. I'm trying to think of my own list, but again I'm struggling with ideas. Let me see, I could just share with you the best moments of my year, but that might be b-0-r-i-n-g. Oh well, I'll do it anyway! I think you're supposed to count backwards on this type of thing, and I think it's a rule there has to be at least ten but I could only think of 5. Anyway, here goes:

Best Moments of '08:
5. Starting this blog. I have had so much fun sharing my thoughts with people I've never even met. Who'dve thunk that I would feel so close to people who live across the country - nay, across the WORLD? (Did you like how I put "nay" in there? I thought you would) This blog thing has been a hoot, not to mention therapuetic (which is the main reason I started it, so thanks for helping me out by leaving your comments). My first entry was nothing to write home about (ha!), but thanks to you, there were enough comments to encourage me to continue. ;0)
4. Getting through the school year without TOO many tears. Contrary to popular belief, homeschooling is not all easy days in your PJ's, that's a myth. We still have deadlines, essays, tests and even worse - dunt, dunt, dunt, dun...... science projects (oh, how I hate science). I talked about some struggles in a previous post.

3. Camping trips. My family and I really enjoy camping, and God, the Giver of all good things, blessed us with an amazing camper! Camping helps us as a family to get away and just be together with each other without distractions.

2. Starting my garden. It was an overwhelming undertaking (am I allowed to use those words together?). Getting started was the hard part. Again God blessed us by helping my garden to grow and produce a bountiful harvest of yummy veggies. I'm very eager to start my garden this year. I hope to have a bigger one!

and finally, the NUMBER ONE bestest moment of my year............

1. My brother's kidney transplant success! OK, so maybe this one's more about my brother, but it has to be the most memorable and best event of 2008! I started this blog after his kidney transplant took place, and I don't think I've even posted about it. Let's just say that after losing our mother and grandmother in 2007, facing a kidney transplant was another major event that rocked our world. My brother is only in his 20's, but had to have a kidney transplant due to a blood disease. What was even more momentous about his transplant is that our uncle was the donor! Yes, my mother's brother saved MY brother's life by giving him one of his kidneys! AMAZING! Even more evidence of God's goodness, mercy and grace. January 8th will mark the one year annivesary for this amazing event.

So there you have it. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - GOD IS GOOD! Thanks to all of you who drop in and spend your precious time reading about little ol' me. You'll never know how much it means; OK, maybe you will because most of you have your own blogs and you know how good it feels to see "1 comment" or more on your daily posts. I hope and pray that 2009 will bring us all great moments we can share with each other - moments that we can lift up as praise offerings to our Lord. God Bless!