Monday, December 1, 2008

Hot Topics

Lately there have been a few blogs that have opened the doors to what I consider to be "hot topics". Now, I'm all for a great debate, but recently for some reason, just reading these posts has been stressful to me. Maybe it's because the holiday season has begun against my wishes, or maybe it's because I've tried to implement a budget at the worst possible time of the year, or maybe it's because I'm about to turn 40 years old. I dunno! But hot topics stress me out these days. So, what are these hot topics you ask? Well, I'm not sure I even want to tell you. That's how stressed it makes me! OK, I'll tell you, but remember that I'm only sharing with you what I've read, and I'm not personally opening the doors of discussion regarding these topics on this blog. If you care to join the debates, I'll share the links with you and you can go to those sites. The first blog hot topic is regarding the recently released DVD "Expelled", which broaches the subject of Intelligent Design vs. Evolution. I didn't comment on this subject because simply reading the other comments physically made me tense. I couldn't mentally relax enough to join in on this discussion this time around (I've shared my views on this before). The other hot topic that was opened up just today is on Santa Claus. Enough said, right? And then there's the potentially hot topic of using i-phones in church. Now, like I said earlier (at least I think I said it), I'm usually not one to run from a great debate. However, for some weird reason(s) I'm just not up to it of late (hey, that rhymed!). What about you, do you jump in or do you run from a 'hot topic'?


Brenda said...

Oh good... my blog isn't a link this time. I was hoping my quiz didn't upset you. :) I don't enjoy debating. Sharing opinions respectfully is one thing, but when it gets heated, I run. I agree that there is already enough stress with the holiday season here, staying within budget, and a big B-day quickly approaching! Maybe you need to sit by a cozy fire and eat a little fruit cake and drink a little egg nog to destress.

Potpourri of Praise said...

Great thing about blogs (vs. being confronted about these topics in person or in a Sunday School class) can ignore or not respond....and people are not there to see your body language/facial expressions which is nice too.

I feel the same way when I read certain topics...and I even avoid certain blog altogether for weeks or longer. It may be cowardly, but it does save my 'mental well being' at a time when many other things really need my attention (ie., my family, friends, church....)

And, I have to remind myself....rarely will my contribution solve the debate or even change the mind of anyone. So, unless God tells me to speak to someone about the topic, I usually keep quiet. Personally, I want to get caught up in it at times, and I think my opinion is really important (and maybe it is)..but that does not mean I need to share it, at least in that forum.

Southerner said...

Okay, on the surface I just want to be like Sally Fields and hold up my Bible and shout, "You like me, you really like me!" I don't like to enter debates and usually just go the other way, especially on the blogs. In general, I know what I know and don't feel a need to try to convince you(not you in particular) otherwise. I can just say to myself, "Bless their little heart" because I am southern and that is what we say about people we don't agree with. But, deep down I am very black and white. I am learning to stand my ground if asked and not smile sweetly and tell you what you want to hear. But even then, when asked, if I tell my view and am met with opposition I take that as a sign to just keep my mouth closed and go my way. Kind of like not casting my pearls before swine. I also walk away thinking the other person with another view is swine, a donkey, the town idiot. You know, it makes me feel better to remember them that way:)

Terry said...

I usually jump into a debate, but I'm sure it's not good for my blood pressure:)

Dean Lusk said...

I've always thought of it as an "iron sharpening iron" sort of opportunity, although I don't think of myself as a very confrontational type at all.

You should see some of the Facebook posts of some of my younger (agnostic) friends. Those things are enough to give me anxiety after posting comments, because I second-guess myself, wondering if I said exactly what I meant.

They're actually kind of enjoyable, though. I don't think that any of us is out to argue the other into changing a worldview, but I find that it makes me verbally clarify what I believe, and to get to the root of what I say I believe. Often it opens my eyes to the fact that I may be doing one thing and saying another. A big no-no!

Dog snob said...

Honestly, it depends on the debate and how things are going. I have a friend I love to debate with because I learn so much, and to me, that's the point. If the debate posted is nothing but pointless griping or a pushing of agenda or something, I'll stay out of it.

Ryan B said...

Well I don't mind debates at all. I wish I was a lawyer. But all of those blogs didn't seem like too big a deals. Expelled is a pretty heated topic but the others are about as hot as a jalapeno flavored snow cone. Great post though. I know what you mean. The holidays are very stressful. I love them though. God Bless.


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