Sunday, November 9, 2008

What If Starbucks Marketed Like the Church?

I still can't figure out how to show a video here, but I think this link will take you to the video I wanted you to see. It's very clever, I think and I think you'll really like it. Well, maybe not like it, but appreciate it. Anyway, let me know. I should give out a shout out to my friend who showed it to me via facebook. Thanks, friend! ;0)


Dog snob said...

True dat...

Tony M said...

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Side note - here's how I embed a video: select the "Embed" link (to the right of the video) then, in my post, write up what I want and put text like "insert video here" where I want the video to be. Then switch from "compose" mode to "Edit Html" mode. Once there, find the text where I wrote "insert video here" and change that to


then put the cursor between the


and paste the text of the link. Switch back to compose mode, get a preview, then publish it. Feel free to ask for more clarity in these directions. :)

On a side note (and you can follow up in e-mail, facebook, whatever), how's things? (Yes, I know that's grammatically incorrect.)

Mandie said...

It was a funny video because it pointed out the things we do that embarrass people at church (raise your hand if you're a visitor, for example).

Brenda said...

Oooh, funny, uncomfortable, embarrassing. I wouldn't go back there. Do some pastor's and their wives really have personal parking spaces? That hand raising thing is just so wrong. "A bean's been planted"! I think Jon Acuff should see this if he hasn't already. Many good topics could come from this.

Tony M said...

Hey... you might want to check out this link over on YouTube. Gives you additional options that supposedly make posting videos to your blog simple. Haven't yet tried it myself.