Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pictures from our most recent camping trip

Haley, Dawson and Dixie on rock at entrance of David Crockett State Park.
This was the view from our camper! We didn't want to come home.
Dawson standing on rocks.
Haley hanging in a tree.

We had a blast camping at David Crockett State Park! It was breathtakingly beautiful. We were able to relax and enjoy the scenery and sounds. Our first day there the kids played in the stream, actually swam in it since it was still warm enough. Good thing they did that on the first day, because a cool front came through and day 2 was quite chilly. They played in the stream for hours while I sat on the bank reading a book. I was in heaven! Dwight took a nap because he had been awake since 5 a.m. doing whatever he does at 5 a.m. Around 6:30 or so we went on a drive to spot the many deer that live in the park. We weren't disappointed, except with the quality of the photos, they didn't turn out so well with it being at dusk. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner. Later that night Dwight started a camp fire and we sat around just talking and enjoying the warmth and sound of the fire.
Day 2 we went geocaching and found a few, but mainly enjoyed the sites while we were out.
Lawrenceburg, TN has an Amish community nearby and we were fortunate enough to spot a gentleman out in his horsedrawn buggy. I don't think he liked my taking his picture, though.
We ate lunch at the restaurant there in the park. It wasn't that great, but hey, we didn't have to cook. Then we went searching for more caches, went to the falls and chilled out there for a while. Back at camp the kids played in the stream again, this time catching minnows and crawdads. I read some more and Dwight napped again (he never gets to nap at home). We ate leftovers, only this time the kids roasted hot dogs over the camp fire. According to them they were the BEST hot dogs EVER! ;0) Day 3 we went geocaching again and had to head home after lunch (which we had at La Hacienda in town - yummy Mexican food!). I know, it doesn't sound like we roughed it at all. That's because we didn't! LOL! But we had such a great time, and we didn't want to come home. But alas, work was beckoning Dwight back, so we had to answer. He said that today he is having withdraws from us (he's working at the fire station, so we won't see him for 24 hours). We made some great family memories, now it's back to regular ole life.


Potpourri of Praise said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Isn't it nice to get away with family and just enjoy each other? We were blessed to do that this past week as well, and like you guys, we were not ready to return to reality:(

Mike said...

This looks like an amazing trip. I just love being out in nature. In so many ways it reflects the glory of GOD.

Brenda said...

Oh, that looks like such a beautiful spot. Never heard of geocaching before, but I checked out the link and it sounds fun. Glad you all had a wonderful time camping!

Mork said...

I really enjoy it when you post pics - it brings us all a lot closer together. I so much enjoy your countryside.

Camping times ...memory times ... times around the table that we say, remember when you ....

Pam said...

The trip looks like lots of fun. I love the "not roughing it" part. : )
What great memories you will have!