Sunday, October 19, 2008

Going back in time - all the way to the beginning

I don't know which trip I should start with first, both trips go back in time. I think I'll start with the first trip, which was a field trip to the Burritt Museum. We went on Native American Day and learned about their history and way of life back in the day. It was very fun and informative. The first picture is of the method of canoe making. The second is of White Deer playing the flute.
She has an amazingly beautiful, soothing singing voice. The music was absolutely mesmerizing.

Our next trip was to the Creation Museum in KY. The Creation Museum has a huge building and grounds, which was paid for by contributions, as noted by Ken Ham, the founder, “Because the museum project will be built as donations come in, it’s not possible to give a specific timeline for its completion,” declared Ken Ham. “It will take many months of planning and securing the necessary building permits, but my hope is that God will lead His people to support the museum. Perhaps by the fall of 2001, this facility will be open to the public.” Image that! Raising money BEFORE building. WOW! What a concept! Sorry, little tangent there. Back to the trip -we rode a charted bus with 36 other passengers, none of whom we had met before. The ride was exciting at first, since none of us have ever ridden a chartered bus. The bus was huge and very nice. The trip was a bit long, but worth the travel. We stayed at a very nice hotel, Comfort Suites, or something like that, Friday night. Saturday morning we toured the museum. It was a wonderful museum. The Word of God displayed EVERYWHERE. The creation account being explained and proven through the Bible, displayed in various shapes and forms. We started the tour by watching a movie in the planetarium. The movie explained our place in the universe, as we know it today. It was very humbling to see just how small we are in the vast scheme of things. My son said after the show, "So, we're like a Who speck?". I said, "Well, yes!". Have you heard of the movie/story "Horton Hears a Who"? It's a great movie. Anyway, after the planetarium we began our tour. The displays were top of the line. There was no expense spared in this museum. The models were extremely life-like and all the special effects amazing. I was also impressed with how smoothly everything went. Even the bathrooms were spotless! There was a lot to see and take in, so I'm sure we missed out on some things since we only had the one day to tour the place. What we did see and take in was amazing. The food was delicious and not extremely over-priced like most amuzement parks/museums. Everyone was polite and thoughtful, which is a good thing assuming that most everyone who was there was a Christian. I don't really know what more to add, except a few photos, so here you go. If you have any questions, leave it in a comment and I'll try to answer.

Haley, Dawson and Dwight on bus.

Display of archeological dig. Discusses the perspective of a Christian and an athesist using the same facts but different views.

Garden of Eden. Adam naming animals.

Kids with dinosaur in Eden.

Adam and Eve before the Fall.
After the Fall.
Cain kills Abel.
Animals boarding the ark.

Dawson and me with T-Rex.

Outside in the botanical garden.

Zonkey in petting zoo. Yes, I said "Zonkey". There was also a Zorse.

Dwight and me. Dwight told Haley to take a picture of the donkeys and she took our picture!
Kids on swinging bridge. I did NOT like the swinging bridge!
All four of us at entrance. That's our bus behind us (hey, that rhymed).
It was a great, but exhausting day. We didn't leave the museum until after 4:00 p.m. Our arrival at home was near midnight, and we still had to go pick up Dixie, our dog, from my brother's house. We didn't go to church today, but that's OK. We had a Bible study at home, which was very good and challenging. We are studying the book of Revelation and we are really enjoying that. We've all been challenged about forgetting our first love - but that's a topic for a different post.
*I should note that Haley took most of the pictures.


Jamie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. We hope to go back before our membership expires. They've added a lot since we went. My kid want to go just to see the zonkey.


Potpourri of Praise said...

What FUN!!!! It looks like you learned a lot and had a great time too:) This trip is on my 'wish list' of ultimate field trips, but unfortunately, our schedule did not allow us to go this time:( Just curious, but what was your favorite part of the museum?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I am going to put this on my "wish list' of trips too. You are such a lovely family and I do so enjoy your blog. Deanna

Christy said...

I'm not sure that I can choose a favorite, it was all so wall laid out and nicely done. I did thoroughly get excited during the 'dramatic reading' of Genesis chapter one. I just wanted to stand up and shout how awesome our Creator is! There was also a very light-hearted movie called "Men in White" that had some unexpected thrills involved (I won't tell you so as not to spoil it in case you go). I truly did love it ALL, even the bookstore (I could have stayed all day in there, probably).

Brenda said...

I'm so glad everything went well. More answered prayer. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful place to see! The photos are really good. Wow, your husband is tall. Thanks so much for sharing. Glad you and your family had such a fun trip!

Pam said...

I wouldn't have liked the swinging bridge either.
I had never hear of a zonkey before, but I had heard of a zorse. Strangely, we learned about them last week.

Terry said...

Thanks for the photos. My son would love the dinosaurs. Hopefully, we will go someday too.

Brenda said...

Darn, I was hoping you would win that mullet wig! Well, maybe next time.

caryn said...


I got a chance to check out your blog this week, and I am glad I did! It was good to hear all about your trip to the Creation Museum. We found it to be such a confirming faith experience when we went earlier this summer. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. I love the pictures.


Mork said...

The Burritt Musuem sounds like my kind of a place!!!!

I really enjoy studying and learning about the original cultures of a land.

Dog snob said...

That looks amazing!! We have a creation museum a couple of hours away but we've never had the chance to visit it. Looks like I need to make more of an effort though :)