Saturday, September 27, 2008

spontaneous field trip

searching for crawdads
searching for crawdads,
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The kids and I went on a spontaneous field trip the other day. It was just too beautiful outside to stay in with our heads in the books. We went to a nearby greenway nature path. I have actually never been there, even though it's so close to our house. The path is four miles long. We only walked one mile of it (two counting the way back, of course). There were a couple of bridges where we stopped and waded in the stream. The kids looked for fish and crawdads. They found both and were very excited. Dawson actually found a bright red crawdad, which clamped down on his finger when he picked it up! The water was refreshingly cool and it felt good to kick off the shoes and walk in it. The leaves were beginning to fall all around us and the beauty of watching them fall into the water and float away was therapeutic. The sounds of the water falling down over the rocks was memorizing. All in all it was a great day. Dawson was saying afterward that he was praising God for the day. What a sweet boy. I know that it makes Abba so happy to hear the little ones praising Him in everyday worship! We definitely enjoyed God's creation and made wonderful memories that day.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had a great day. The first picture looks like you and Dwight! How funny!


Mork said...

I really enjoy the landscpe you have there... home schooling field trips are the best!!!
Dawson is certainly discovering God in creation!!!!

Brenda said...

Love the fall leaves. What a beautiful place! How touching that your son was praising God for the day.