Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Amazon Penguins and Superheros

So our homeschool group decided to make a scarecrow to display at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. Our school mascot is the penguin, yeah, penguin. That's what the kids wanted and that's what they got. So, our scarecrow was, naturally, a humongous penguin. The kids gave him the name "Lenny". There they are standing proudly with Lenny the Penguin. While we were at the gardens, I was surprised to run into my favorite superhero - Wonder Woman! It was very exciting seeing her in person - a life long dream of mine (not really). I knew she was a skinny, but good grief! Next to me she looks like a stick! LOL! She's been a very busy woman. Who knew she had a baby? Is Superman the dad?


Anonymous said...

Too cute!!! Thanks for sharing and I must say YOU look pretty wonderful yourself! Deanna

Terry said...

Amazon penguns and Wonder Woman? If I remember my comic books, she was an Amazon warrior-princess, too.

Speaking of Wonder Woman, I was watching an old rerun of the TV series starring Linda Carter. I laughed until I almost choked when I heard the lyrics of the theme song for the first time since I was a child:

"Wonder Woman!
In her satin tights,
Fighting for her right,
Wonder Woman!"

Only someone from the 1970s would have written such a song. As a comic book fan since childhood, I loved it, though. (By the way, Wonder Woman was not my favorite, but that's okay. I understand that she appealed more to girls. I was more of a fan of the New Teen Titans and X-Men. Of course, Batman, the Hulk, Spider-Man, the Avengers, Justice League, and Fantastic Four ranked pretty high, too.)

Mork said...

What a great looking park!!!!

Brenda said...

Those are really cute pictures. It's fun to see what you look like. I pictured you with dark hair. Guess I was picturing... well.... Wonder Woman!

That WW scarecrow is ridiculously skinny. And the Superman baby cracked me up!

The botanical gardens do look really nice. Have fun with homeschooling. That is an honorable commitment.

Mike said...

Wonder woman looks like she has lost some weight. You may want to feed her.