Monday, August 25, 2008

greener than thou

An article I read this morning made me chuckle. It's talking about hybrid cars and their owners seemingly feeling "greener than thou" towards us regular gas-guzzling car owners. Although, mine doesn't quite guzzle gas, but it is thirstier than a hybrid, I guess. Anyway, the whole "greener than thou" quote really cracks a smile on my face. I suppose it's because as a Christian, I've been accused of acting "holier than thou". That hasn't happened in a long time - is that a good thing, or a bad thing, I wonder? While I was googling the Prius (that sounds almost dirty, doesn't it - LOL!), I came across the blog site of Stuff White People Like. This site is the inspiriation for one of my favorite sites, Stuff Christians Like. Sorry, I got a little side tracked there. Well, I hope you were not disappointed in my short, nonimportant rambling today. I just thought I'd share with you something that made me chuckle (I've used "chuckle" twice already, and it really isn't THAT funny). Can you tell I missed out on some sleep last night and I need more coffee?


Brenda said...

Your post today made me laugh! (or should I say chuckle?) There are sooo many Prius driving around my town. Definitely the trendy car right now.

I've never read SWPL. Gonna go check 'em out right now.

Have a good week. :)

Mork said...

Chuckle - now there's a word that reading it brings a warmth!!! Well, you keep chuckling - and have a GREAT DAY!!

LRHG said...

You made me smile....I got to you via SCL and it was worth the hop. I used to suffer from holier-than-thou-itis but it was really tiring. Being greener-than-thou sounds tiring too....I think I'll stick with the SUV that fits the kids and drinks more gas than the Pruis.