Monday, August 18, 2008

Go jump off a cliff!

Saturday our family went to the river. This is NOT my favorite thing to do. In fact, I strongly dislike the river, but I wanted to be with the family, so I went. My husband and my kids absolutely love the river and thrive on being there. We went to a particular spot they had found last year where they can jump off a cliff. Of course I wasn't very excited about the thought of watching my kids do something like this, but I went along with it, seeing as how I'm out-numbered and out-muscled. Haley jumped from the "high dive", but didn't like it, so she mainly stayed with the "low dive". Thankfully the day went without incident other than spotting a couple of snakes. One snake wasn't that big a deal, but two! Plus the second snake that was spotted appeared to be a water mocassin, so after that, the cliff jumping fun ended. Since the kids could no longer do that, we went off to have a bit of knee boarding fun. This I do enjoy - watching, that is. I was able to witness my son's first 360 on the kneeboard. He was quite pleased with himself. My daughter had done a 360 before, but this day she was able to perform three of them during one run! It was very fun to see the smiles on their faces. I did snap a few photos of the cliff jumping, but the knee boarding you'll just have to picture in your mind. My camera is not that good of a camera to capture distant action shots. Our dog also got into the water fun. She is so funny-looking when she gets wet (no she's not wet the picture). It was an overall beautiful day and God's creation was greatly appreciated by all (except for the snakes). More good family memories!


B. said...

Love the pictures. I'm always afraid of possible rocks under the water when jumping. Also, the snakes and water moccasins? Eeekkk!!! Congrats to the kids for the 360's on the kneeboards. How fun. Your dog is really cute. Glad you all had a great family day together. :)

Mork said...

You sure, that you don't live in Australia??? I think you do!!! We get Tiger snakes hanging around water ways, they are after the frogs - and can be quite dangerous.