Saturday, July 12, 2008

Speed Reading God's Word

I'm not sure how lengthy this post will be. I've been struggling with how to explain my thought process on this. I've noticed, and it frustrates me, that when I'm reading something, for example, an article in a Christian magazine, or even a Bible study lesson, that when a certain verse is given as a reference, I speed read or simply scan over the Bible verse. I'm not really sure why I do this. Do I think that I know God's word too well? Of course not! Am I in a hurry? Probably. But why? If I'm reading Christian articles, or doing a Bible study, then why would I do such a thing? Isn't learning God and His word my main objective? You would think so. Today I was reading through the list of "After Eden" comic strips on one of my favorite websites, Answers In Genesis (link on my sidebar also). When I came across the strips that actually used Scripture I found myself doing the scan thing again. Once I noticed this, however, I forced myself to slow down and intentially read the given Scripture. I just don't understand why I do this. I think it is really disrespectful of me to speed read God's word! Even though for the most part I still understand/retain what I'm reading, I just think it shows a lack of fear and awe for God and the Bible when I apply this method to Scripture. Am I the only one who does this? Well, starting now, I'm not going to allow this in my life any more.


Ruth said...

I do the same thing! And yes it's because I think I can save time cause I think I already know it all. Especially if it's Psalms. I might not have read that one in particular once you read one you read them all right?

You bring up a good point Christy. We don't see it as new and fresh for us each time we read it.

Potpourri of Praise said...

Thanks for sharing this. I find that I do the same an effort to get thru what I am reading a little more quickly. I have felt convicted when doing it, as reading His word is where we should slow down a bit and see what he has for us. Thanks for this reminder..and thanks for your transparency.

Mork said...

Got me to, I'm thinking maybe the Scripture is treated as secondary to what we are reading indeed it should be primary!!! Good thought.

B. said...

Hi Christy,
I have caught myself doing this same thing. My pastor emails a daily devotion and I have found myself quickly scanning the scripture and spending more time reading what the pastor wrote. I too feel it's not right and I might miss something really important that God wants to show me in that verse that day. Thanks for your honesty.