Saturday, July 26, 2008

more camping memories to share

Since I laughed at myself in the last post, I thought I'd toss a chuckle or two my husband's way. For those of you who know him, you'll agree, he is a very funny and fun-loving guy. I get tickled just watching him laugh at his own jokes. When we were camping last weekend, we made a daily stop at the pool. The campground we usually choose to stay at has two pools, one indoor and one outdoor. It's really nice! The kids don't like putting on sunscreen, so we always use the indoor pool (which bugs me 'cause I want a tan, but oh well). I rarely get in the pool (inside) because the water is much colder than the other pool, but Dwight is always right in there with the kids. This one time we went Dwight started doing his can-opener jump thing, much to the delight of the kids. Maybe I should explain a can-opener jump. It's when you jump in holding onto one bent leg while the other one is straight down. The way Dwight lands in the water always make a huge splash - I mean a geyser accompanied by a tidal wave! It's so fun to watch - and you'd better expect to get sprayed. Well the indoor pool has rafters overhead, and the kids always like to see how high the water splashes. This day there were several other older kids and teens using the indoor pool also, and when Dwight made his hugmongous splash they were all yelling, "Whoa! Did you see that?", "It went up to the ceiling!" and things like that. So then they start trying to copy his technique, but their scrawny little bodies just don't have the same effect. Well, after they try several times, Dwight pipes in and tries to explain to them the angle at which their body needs to hit the water in order to achieve the desired results. I'm sitting on the side chuckling inwardly thinking that they're getting can-opener 101 lessons today. Well, they just can't grasp what he's trying to tell them, so they beg him to demonstrate again. Of course, it didn't take much begging. ;0) So Dwight does his thing, and then one of the kids call him, "The Old Guy", only he says it like it's a badge of honor or something. It was so funny! Dwight didn't hear them call him that, so after several of his demonstrations and their exclamations of "watch The Old Guy!", I couldn't help but ask him if he knew that was his new title. Of course, he thinks it's funny, too. Now we're not 'old', but apparently we're at the age that teenagers consider us so. But, hey, they can't do a can-opener like my Old Guy!

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B. said...

This had me laughing and I enjoyed reading about your water park ride also!! You write really well. I like the way you describe things.:)

From an "Old Girl".