Wednesday, July 2, 2008


¿Ha desprotegido mi nuevo "español Palabra del Día" en la barra de lado a la derecha? Estoy intentando aprender tanto como sea posible. Espero que tome el tiempo para mirada en las palabras en españoles y incorporar su banco de memoria. Nunca se sabe cuando usted podrá saber cómo decir ciruela en español! ¡ Tienen un gran día!


Have you checked out my new "spanish word of the day" on the side bar to the right? I am trying to learn as much as possible. I hope you take the time to glance at the Spanish words and incorporate them into your memory bank. You never know when you'll need to know how to say "plum" in Spanish! Have a great day! BTW - I learned all of this just from reading the word of the day every day for however many words there are in this paragraph! No - really! LOL!


Potpourri of Praise said...

!Muy bien! (I know the first apostrophe is supposed to be upside down, but I cannot figure out how to do it on my computer.)

Tony M said...

Cool! Now I want to see your "Daily Snippets from the Word" done in Spanish (you know, kill two birds with one oversized rock kind of thing). You know, you could kill two (maybe more) birds with a well place round from a gun - line 'em up, fire, and go through bird after bird after bird... (or garden-eating-rabbit after garden-eating-rabbit after garden-eating-rabbit...)