Monday, June 23, 2008

Ring Side Seating from Heaven?

I'm just missing my mom again. Yesterday Matt, my brother, closed on his first new home! I'm so excited for him and proud for him. I got to thinking about how if Mom were here, she'd be over there at his new home cleaning, arranging furniture and hanging curtains or something. Yep - all in one day! That stuff is right up her alley, or was, rather. I went to help Matt, but he wasn't there at the time I stopped by. I just sent him a text with what I was thinking. I hope I didn't bring him down reminding him of Mom. I don't think I did, but who knows. Also, my garden is going so well - thank you Lord! I know Mom would be impressed b/c usually everything I touch usually wilts right before your eyes. I wonder if God allows those who have gone on to heaven to sit in on a little moments like their son's new home, or their daughter's vegetable garden. I think that would be neat if He does. It's a little comforting to me in a way to think of God giving Mom a ringside view of the happy times in our lives. I just remembered the verses in Hebrews about a cloud of witnesses - so I wonder if it applies to things like this.

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