Saturday, June 7, 2008

Monster Parents

I write this with a little frustration. This is my 3rd attempt at posting this blog. For some reason my previous "saves" didn't work. Oh well, on to the main point.

Apparently parents in Japan are not sitting back quietly and taking things in stride any more. Have you read the article about the "Monster" parents? This is a new phenomenon happening in Japan and it don't sound pretty. Well, here's the scoop... school play, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, only NO DWARFS! NO WITCH! Just Snow White - 25 Snow Whites! Say what? Well, every parent thought that their kid deserved the lead role, so they all pitched a hissy fit (the parents, not the kids, mind you) and so every kid got the lead role! That must have been some crazy, boring specatular to behold, huh? But the madness doesn't end with the school play. If Junior doesn't get a good grade - Momma and/or Papa step in and have a, hmm mmm, 'chat' with the teacher until things are worked out. Here's a quote from an article, "Within the category of monster parent, Professor Morotomi identifies the most potent strain: the 'teacher hunters', who conspire in small groups to ensure that a particular teacher is dismissed. Occasionally, he said, this involves physically mobbing their victim at the school gates and screaming abuse until a letter of resignation is signed on the spot."
It has gotten so wild that there is a reality TV show in the works. That should be interesting. I wonder if Supernanny needs to go over seas and shake things up a bit with these parents. They should be made to sit in their naughty spot until they can cool down. Maybe they need to lay off the sushi cuz apparently it's gone bad or something.

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