Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Granny's House - A Poem of Remembrance

Cold winter nights tucked tightly under layers of quilts.
Early morning dash down the stairs to meet the heat of the gas stove.

Shivering, jogging in place until the chill is finally replaced with warmth - starting in the toes and rising to the top of the head. Fighting for the bathroom first.

Smells of bacon frying in the pan, biscuits in the oven, made by hand. Eggs cooked in leftover grease. Coffee, milk or juice, bellies filled.
Paul Harvey sharing the rest of the story.

Spring time flies in, doors open wide. Iris' bloom abundantly, sunshine and love abides.
Playing house in the back yard. Picking wild strawberries and baking them into imaginary pies. Crawling under the fence, dirty head to foot, no worries about time.

Summer comes, fireflies dancing in the air. Oh, no! The bug man's coming - who cares? We skip and hop down the sidewalk as the poison sprays everywhere!
Directing traffic in the middle of the street. The drivers don't seem to mind; they wave and smile, "Just kids being sweet".

Lucky day! The RC cola man's at the store. Let's go over and watch him fill the machine. Sun Drop, RC and oh the Orange Crush! Mmmmm that sure looks good. He smiles and hands us each a bottle of that yummy orange, bubbly sweetness. Life is good.

Tornado! Hide under the dining room table! Scared of the wind and the rain. One uncle at the front door watching, another at the back doing the same. "I see it! Here it comes!". "I see it! There it goes!" The twister jumped over us - at least that's what my memory shows.

Johnny Cash records playing, "I fell into a burning ring of fire". Singing, dancing, or just mouthing the words. Donny Osmond's "Puppy Love", daydreams of matching purple socks. Banging out Chopsticks on the piano, getting on Granny's nerves.

Fall comes and leaves (pun intended) and holidays come around. That means we're ALL going to be at Granny's house.

Thanksgiving - so much to be thankful for, too much to put into prose. Family so loved, so wanted, so close.

"Jingle Bells", "Sleigh Ride", and Christmas carols. Learning that Santa Claus isn't real. So what? My momma's lovingly placing the baby doll I asked for - the one that cries and wiggles AND she's putting it into the cradle I wanted! Uncle Mark is filling my stocking with the biggest candy cane I've ever seen! Who needs Santa? Not me!
Christmas breakfast - nobody wants to miss. The biggest buffet of love and my goodness - the gifts! So much wrapping paper, we could wrap Mt. Everest twice. "Wanna buy a bow?" someone asks on the sly.
But the best memories of all are not the ones wrapped in ribbon, paper or bows (or tape - UGH - the tape!), but are the ones of Pa and Granny smiling, laughing, and hugging us as if we're all they know.


Anonymous said...

loved it!!!! christy, I think you summed up, a lifetime , of joy and wonderful love -- God is , so good !!!! that he chose, to bless us, with such a wonderful , loving family --- and thru the tragic loss , of two leaders , of our big clan, we have , only grown closer and more appreciative, of one another . I pray we won't ever, forget , what the Lord has done , for us all!! love you , carol

Anonymous said...

Christy, that was precious. It reminded me not of my grand's house but of visiting at my two uncles homes, we would switch yearly on who had Turkey day or christmas. And boy did we eat and I can even smell my Aunt's delicious pumpkin pie, yummm.
Anyway, it is great to remember the past that way, especially since all but 2 are gone, and everyone had already moved on.
Thanks for sharing. Jeanne

Tony M said...

Nice poem; makes me think of my own grandmom's house (the one place that was always "home" regardless of how much my family moved around; and which, unfortunately, is going to be a casualty of the extension to I-459 when they get around to it in a few years, maybe a few decades, not sure when). Thanks for sharing!