Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First Harvest and Wave Offering

YIPPEEE! We have veggies to harvest at last. What I thought was yellow squash is actually zucchini. So I guess what I thought was zucchini seeds, which the birds ate and so I planted more, is actually the yellow squash. Little mix up with the labels, I guess. Anyway, we ate the first of the zucchini tonight and it was yummy! We also had red romaine lettuce that we've been eating on for a couple of days now. Not our favorite type of lettuce, but we are still enjoying it nevertheless. And tonight I dug up some green onions that thankfully were not squishy. God is good! So, I did a little ceremonial wave offering of sorts and gave Him praise for blessing our garden. "Thank you, Lord!" Dwight thought I was crazy, but what's new? The corn is growing taller and the tomato plants are budding, so more is yet to come. I intend on planting more things here pretty soon. Also, I think I'm gonna give the compost pile another try. I've decided just to put it in the back corner of the garden plot. I still have some coffee grounds and I'll start adding left over veggies and egg shells for starters.


Tony M said...

Congrats on your harvest! Good luck with the continuance of the gardening. If I ever get that stump (and its roots) out, I might try planting a garden in that space. Of course, it won't work, since it'll probably be winter before that stupid stump comes out... then again, it might be next spring... :)

Anonymous said...

Yummy! I wish I had planted a garden. I think I might get some tomato plants that are already growing and try and keep those alive long enough to produce. LOL. Deanna

Anonymous said...

Sounds great! Here I just didn't realize we had "farmer Christy", in our midst. We have planted some tomatoes my daughter gave us, we will see how they do, like Deanna we will see how long they live to produce. ; )
God is good,hope your blessings continue, "farmer Christie"! ; )