Friday, June 27, 2008

another obvious analogy

Last night I couldn't get to sleep 'cuz I was stupid and had coffee after 5:00 p.m. So while I was awake I was trying to think of something wonderful and awe inspiring to blog about. What did I come up with? My dog, of course. Dixie, or Dixiecup as we call her a lot, is the best dog I've ever had. She is so laid back (unless someone rings the doorbell) and she'll just take whatever comes her way without complaint. I'll just describe her a little more and since I mentioned the analogy is an obvious one, I won't elaborate on my purpose for sharing this.

Dixie wants to be with me no matter what, no matter where. Every step I take she is right there. It becomes quite comical at times. I'll take a step, she takes a step. I stop because I forget something, she stops and watches my feet. I move, she moves. You get the idea. It's a wonder I haven't broken my neck because I can't go through a day without tripping over her! When I go to my bedroom to relax, she trots right beside me, unless of course, she's been preoccupied with the kids snacking in the kitchen (food always gets her attention). But once she realizes that her master (that's me) isn't with her, she starts looking. I'll hear her scratching on the bedroom door and if I don't immediately let her in, she'll start barking until I do. When I lie down at night to sleep, she lies at the foot of my bed. When I awake in the morning, she's right there where I left her. When it storms, she comes up closer to me, as close to my arms as possible. She just needs that extra comfort during the stormy days. This sweet little dog anticipates my every movement because she doesn't want to miss out on anything that involves me, her master.


Anonymous said...

The storm thing reminds me of how we always pray and draw closer to God when storms come our way. ILY Dwight

Dean Lusk said...

I've continually waited for you to explain this analogy, but no luck so far...