Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wonder Woman Seasons 1 & 2

We went camping last week. It rained two of the days we were there, so I took that time to watch my Wonder Woman Season 2 DVD's. While watching them, I realized how much better and more enjoyable season 1 was, in my opinion, anyway. Fighting and bringing down Nazi's is so much more heroic than busting thieving mimes, magicians and mind-stealing aliens. Also, Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, was more humble and innocent in the 1940's (season 1) than she was in the 1970's (season 2). I was looking forward to the possibility of a movie, but I cringe to think of how she'd be portrayed today. I was pleasantly surprised, however, when I saw a season 2 episode with Rick Springfield in it! I couldn't figure out if this was before or after he became a rock star.


Anonymous said...

Actually Rick has been a musician since his teenage years. The music business being what it is,he had to make a living until he got his break,hence the acting roles on Wonder Woman,Six Million Dollar Man,etc.
He has a new album being released on 7/29/08.

Dean Lusk said...

So how did they catapult her 30 years forward between seasons? The "Wood Between the Seasons"?

Christy said...

Well, it wasn't that difficult since WW doesn't age. It was explained that the Steve Trevor in this season is Steve Jr. He remembers his dad talking about WW, but oddly enough doesn't recall his dad working with a Diana Prince, which he, Steve Jr., also does in season 2. Go figure! Of course this is no where as confusing to me as the Earth One, Earth Two, etc. thing that the comics have going on. How do you guys keep up with that?