Sunday, May 18, 2008

What is Brown Like?

My family and I watched a DVD last night about a juvenile delinquent who does his time working as a stable boy at a camp for blind people. When the delinquent dude was leading some blind kids on a horseback ride, one of the kids asked him what color his horse was. Dude told the kid that his was brown with a black mane and tail. The boy then asked him "What is brown like?". Dude didn't know how to answer. So that got me to wondering how I would describe colors to someone who is blind. The following is my attempt:

brown - the aroma of cinnamon, the warmth of a mug of coffee in your hands
yellow - the sun beaming down on your skin
gold - the crackling of a fire
white - the crispness of a winter's day
silver - a gush of arctic air that steals your breath away
red - the caress of satin across your skin
pink - a spritz of water that kisses your face
lavender - the perfect spring breeze
blue - walking barefoot in a stream
orange - fragrant oranges, juicy and sweet
grey - your old stand-by slippers you just can't throw away
black - the sensation of being suffocated


Anonymous said...

Wow! Pretty cool attempt at describing colors. I closed my eyes after I read each one and tried to "see" what you were describing. Only one I would have changed was red- the taste of a fresh, ripe strawberry. Have a good day. Deanna

Anonymous said...

You are so poetic! What great descriptions!!

Christy said...

What nice comments, ladies, thanks! I almost didn't share this one because I was a bit on the shy side about it.

Dean Lusk said...

Ditto on what they said -- really nice descriptions! Except maybe black (still nice, but I'd classify it differently).

I'd almost say that black is a feeling of confidence and fear rolled into one, but to say that sounds very, very weird and isn't really sensory. I just like black. :)