Friday, May 23, 2008

Can 5th graders really dance?

Yesterday at Dawson's soccer game (which turned into a practice because the other team didn't show) I was made aware of a dance for the local school's 5th graders. That's the reason the other team didn't show up for the game, b/c they had mostly 5th graders on their team (which they weren't supposed to have that many 'big' kids, but that's another blog). This was extremely rude of their coach to cancel their game and not contact our coach, but that's not what I really want to talk about. What I'm going to discuss is the dance. A dance for 5th grade kids. Hmmm... do they even know how to dance? I mean, with each other, anyway. That is the purpose of having an organized dance, isn't it? When I was in 5th grade, I still was pretty much uninterested in boys other than playing kick ball or slaughter ball with them. After all, that's the age when we are all pretty equal in size and strength, so to knock a boy in the head really made my day! But dance with a boy? I think not! What would be the purpose of that? YUCK! Well, evidently times they are a changin'. When I asked the question, "Do they even like each other?" the other parents answered unanimously, "yes!" boys and girls like each other "that way". One mother commented that her son has "Too many girls calling". WOW! I wouldn't have ever dreamed of calling a boy. To top off my amazement at this dancing phenomenon, I was made aware that some of these kids' parents are even renting limo's for the kids to ride in to their 5th grade dance! Excuse me? A LIMO? If they're riding in limos now to their dance, what do they have to look forward to at prom? A lear jet flight? Good grief! I can just see my mom now..., "Mom. We're having a dance for us 5th graders at school. I need you to rent me a limousine." After what would seem like an eternity of laughter followed by convulsions and tears, mom would say something like, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. *laugh, laugh* I thought I heard you say you, *laugh, laugh*, you 'need a limousine'. *snort, snort, laugh, laugh*!" Then I stand there humiliated and defeated, watching her walk away as she continues to convulse and laugh at my expense. Of course, she would have been right to act that way, but that scenario never happened when I was a kid. Thankfully back then we kids were left alone to be just kids. Today it seems that society is pushing our kids harder and harder to become adults before their time. It saddens me and angers me, really. It makes me think of the lyrics to the, oh what's the name of that group, you know, from the album THE WALL, "hey, teachers, leave us kids alone". I know rushing into adulthood wasn't really what the song was about, but the words work here anyway. I'll remember the name of the group later some time today, like at the check out line in the grocery store or something.

PS- this just might be my last posting for a while. We are going on vacation next week - woo hoo! But don't despair, I'm sure when I return this will be one of the first things I do (like anyone's going to despair that I haven't blogged - ha!).
PSS - I'll try and update on the garden soon, with pics. Thanks to those of you who care and ask. ;)


Anonymous said...

Christy, the group was Pink Floyd and the album I believe was another Brick in the Wall.
I totally agree that at that age, no one really went to dance they were there to "gossip", and get out of the house.
But a limo, my mother would have been like yours and laughed, and probably wouldn't have stopped.
Not sure what these kids are coming to these days, everything on a silver platter. I don't think so.
Enjoy your vacation next week.

Anonymous said...

I, too, find it all ridiculous. Luckily, so do my kids. Have a great vacation. I will be at camp with the youth. Now that should provide alot of blog fodder, if I blogged that is. Deanna

Christy said...

Yeah - Pink Floyd! My memory stinks. Wasn't "THE WALL" an album title? I'll have to google it and see. I think maybe it was a Michael Jackson album, but I don't remember.

Dean Lusk said...

This sentence struck me as funny, but I know what you mean: "[At that age] I wouldn't have ever dreamed of calling a boy." Reminded me of Back to the Future, but I'm NOT suggesting that you really did call boys in the fifth grade. :)

I was going to say "Pink Floyd Cramer" in response to the band thing, because once upon a time I started thinking of hybrids of famous people and band names...

- Richard Marx Brothers
- Motley 2 Live Crew

Etc... (Sorry for the blog-jacking!)

amateur said...

Michael Jackson did "Off the Wall" (which I voted 'the album I most wanted to melt down' that year).

Tony sent me here, saying your post had a germ of what my latest does, and I guess it kinda in a way does. But what I wanted to say was, my daughter, when she was still in public school, had a dance/carnival for...sheesh, it must have been 3rd or 4th grade since this is my third year homeschooling. We went to play some of the games, but when we walked into the gym we walked straight back out again because the music was SO LOUD!!!!!! (I've written about decibels, too.) Why are they trying to make kids deaf??? And no, no one was dancing, except maybe a couple of rapper types doing you-know-that-type of solo dancing.

I agree, though, that at that age, loud or soft dances are completely unnecessary.