Saturday, May 24, 2008

Are you a good worm, or a bad worm?

Working in the garden is definitely work. Especially after I've neglected it for a couple of weeks due to my annoying allergies. I toughed it out for a couple of hours today, though. I came across one humongous grub looking creature. It was really gross. Even Haley, who generally likes bugs and things said, "Ew! Gross!". This thing looked like something you would have to eat on the Fear Factor or Survivor. Thankfully I didn't see another one quite so disgusting, but I did come across several little grubbies. I know that worms, earthworms and such, are supposedly good for your soil, but these little guys I wasn't so sure about since they did resemble more of a grub. So I used my theory that I use when trying to decide on eating leftovers, "If in doubt, throw it out", so out the little buggers went. I've got some pics to share of the garden as it has progressed. Some things I'm really pleased with, like the squash and the corn. But the beans and the pepper plants I'm not thrilled with. They look like they don't even want to try to grow. Oh, and I dug up some onions because they looked ready. Either they are past ready or not quite ready because what I dug up was not much bigger than what I planted, and they were squishy! Yeah - squishy onions. Yuck.

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Tony M said...

Funny... I thought I'd commented on this already, but I don't see my comment. Congrats on your gardening success (except the squishy onions) - those pictures actually look like a garden! Good luck with the onions (I like onions, even though they're probably not good for my acid reflux).