Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I thought of you today

Yesterday my husband was recommending my blog to a friend of his. Dwight said that my blog is funny (I don't think he's read it in a while). After he made this recommendation, Dwight said to me, "You didn't know I read your blog, did you?". Well, no, I didn't. He doesn't ever leave a comment, so how would I know? Which reminds me of when someone says (and I've been guilty of this too) "I drove by your house today, but I didn't stop". OK. Then why are you telling me? Why didn't you stop? Or how about this one, "I thought about calling you today". Great! So, why didn't you actually call? Now don't get me wrong, I'm flattered when someone thinks about me and I appreciate it very much. But how am I really supposed to be blessed if the thought doesn't lead to an action? Dwight isn't the only one who says he reads my blog, but doesn't leave a comment. You know who you are! I am just curious as to why comments are not made. Is it because you think you don't have anything clever to add? Is it too time consuming, too frustrating? What? OK, let me add that I read, hmm mmm, several blogs and I don't always leave comments. I do try to leave a comment every once in a while, though, so the writer knows I'm out here reading his/her stuff. It's just encouraging to go to your blog site and see at least "1 comment" instead of a big fat zero! =) I guess I'm just too needy, huh?
So now that I've totally put you "lurkers" (I think that's the word Dean used before) on a guilt trip equilivent to that of my grandmother's, I'll call it a day. Oh, and remember, I thought about calling you last night! HA!

One more thing before I go, here are a few things you can use in your comment, just in case you need something to say:

  • "Interesting blog"
  • "That was great!"
  • "You really made me think today"
  • "What were you thinking?!"
  • "WOW! You really should be published!"
  • "I've read better blogs on the bathroom wall" and if you're really short for time but want to leave something...
  • "Uh huh!"


Anonymous said...

I must admit to being lurker. The main reason that I don't leave many comments is that I have a hard time with written expression. I have all these great thoughts going through my head but to sit and organize them and get them down on paper or type or whatever is very difficult for me. I enjoy reading what others write and if we were sitting face to face I could comment with the best of them. The second reason I rarely comment is that I am somewhat intimidated by other commenters. Is that a word? Well, you know what I mean. I guess this could be a whole blog in its self. If I blogged that is but since it would take me hours upon hours of rewrite etc... to organze it I will leave it at this. Anyway just did not want to leave a big, fat zero for you today. :) Hope this gives you a little insight into why some might not comment.
PS. Great Blog Today!

Christy said...

Thanks, Deanna, and I think that was very well said! Please feel free to comment any ole time! :) You made my day.

Tony M said...

Sorry, I meant to comment on this, but never did... :(