Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Here's a dilemma. We all have somewhat of a sordid past, at least most all of us. Now that we've grown and have children, they're curious as to what we did when we were their age and, even worse, teenagers. We can't lie to our kids, but just how much do we share? My DS has directed some really specific and personal questions my way lately that I wasn't prepared to answer. So how should I have responded? Also, another part of this dilemma is that I know God can use my past to help others. However, I haven't shared it with most people I know these days because I'm concerned the information will somehow get back to my kids, who are not ready to know such things about their mom (oooo - I've really got you curious now, haven't I?). So what to do? Just how much information is too much information (TMI) for our kids?

Here's something else on my mind, although not so much a dilemma. Have you ever had a dream so disturbing that you couldn't get it out of your mind? You wanted to talk about it to someone hoping that would help, but at the same time you were afraid that if you verbalized it would somehow make it come true? I know, childish, isn't it? But that's where I am this morning.


Trisha said...

Some things, I think don't ever need to be shared with them. I found out,when I was a teen, my mother had been married before. Although in this day and age that seems so 'normal', it really affected me and the way I looked at her. I wish I didn't know that! She and dad were married over 40 years, so I had that 'security' base.
I don't really know how I would have delt with it if I had just found out without her telling me.I think I could have delt with that better.

Some things can be shared as God leads. Life lessons from out stupid mistakes, poor planning, or out right sin can be passed on as they are needed. I don't want to dwell on passed mistakes, they are forgiven and Satan really likes to bring them up. I had an experience Monday I would like to share with you as this seems to be a common attack from the enemy. I was in the shower, ( terrible image isn't it)I had this thought," You don't put 100% into anything. How will you stand in front of the Almighty God and account for yourself?" This was such a blow at first, then I realize then I get before God, He won't remember my mistakes. He will say, "Well done!" WOW, what a victorious moment that turned out to be.

I share some things with Mary. I'm trying to teach her that she can learn just as much from the way people do things right and the way they do things wrong. A wise person learns from folly, anyone's folly.
How much is too much? How much is not enough? TOUGH questions. If we lean on the Holy Spirit to guide us we will do just fine.

Scott Booker said...

Not enough time to keep them all up!! Maybe later.