Friday, April 18, 2008

silly post

Yesterday the kids and I went to Burger King for lunch. I only had $10, so I was studying the menu for the cheapest way to go (sorry kids, no #7's today). So while I was reading the menu, I saw where it reads, "Picture menus available upon request". Now I know these menus are for those who can't read, BUT, and I think you know where I'm going with this one, HOW are they supposed to know that these menus are available? They can't read the notice that says there are picture menus available! Plus, I seriously doubt that if anyone ever asked for one, that the people working there would even know where to find these said menus. I think I might ask for one next time I go in, just to see for myself.

Oh, in case you're wondering, I had the #4, the kids had regular hamburgers, small fries and small drinks. The total was $9.93. COOL!


Tony M said...

So what is #4? Is that the Whopper Jr. combo? I like Burger King... don't eat it a lot, but I like it. Where else can you get onion rings in a fast-food place? And I like the bacon & egg croissan'wich (notice I did NOT include cheese). I used to really like their steak croissan'wiches, but they discontinued them (in most restaurants, anyway).

Christy said...

A #4 is a whopper Jr. meal.

Tony M said...

We had burger king tonight. It was significantly more than $10, though (then again, we're feeding a family of 6 with two teens and several boys).