Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Next time it's straight to the chocolate!

You know how it is - the after dinner munchies attack. Even though we may not be hungry necessarily, we just want to nibble on something. We know it's coming every night, so what should we do? Well, last night I was trying very hard to be a "good girl" and eat healthy food. First I started off with sliced cucumbers. Yep - cucumbers. I tried to convince myself that the slices were "chips" and if I added just a little bit of salt that would really do the trick. So I ate about, oh, I don't know, seven to eight cucumber "chips". Well, that didn't do it, so I say to myself, "NUTS!". Nuts are supposed to be good for us, you know, so I go to the pantry and pull out the container of mixed nuts. Nibble, nibble, crunch, NOPE - not gonna do it either! Now what? Well, I break down and go to the cabinet - the secret hiding spot - and break off a square (it's really rectangular shaped) of Hershey's Dark Chocolate. Just a square, mind you. As soon as I bit into that dark, delectable sweetness, my entire self sighed and a wave of relaxed bliss washed over me. So, from now on - it's straight to the chocolate!

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Tony M said...

Well, now, your blog has more pictures than mine! (But fewer words, although that may be a good thing!)

I don't like dark chocolate (but the milk variety I do). In fact, I just finished 4 Hershey's kisses, and I think I'm gonna get a few more once I finish this comment. And I didn't try to eat healthy first. In fact, I've not even yet had dinner!