Saturday, April 19, 2008

Custom Made Churches

I've had this discussion with a couple of friends before, but I wanted to bring it up here, too. Young adults and church. It's disheartening to me to see the number of young adults who no longer attend church. I don't understand the reason a person who was raised in the church, and has made a profession of faith, would just stop going to church - period. I've heard it said, and I think I've actually even said it before myself, that there just aren't any programs out there that reach our young adults. However, the more I think about it, the more I think that's an extremely lame excuse. When I was a young adult, there weren't any "programs" either - just, well, church service! I went, on my own, to Sunday School, then morning church service with all ages attending the same service, went home or to work at my part-time job (which I had firmly stated before being hired that I would only work certain hours on Sunday so that I could attend church), and then when Sunday evening came around I would go back to church service and meet again with people of all ages in the very same service. This is something that I felt I needed in order to keep myself grounded in the Word of God. I never expected to go to a different, age appropriate program that would meet my special individual so-called needs. I expected to go to church to hear the preacher preach the Word of God. I felt that it was my obligation, my responsibility as a Christian. Why has that changed over the years? Why do churches today deem it necessary to have a personalized program for every stage in life? Why aren't we ALL meeting together in one accord? If there aren't programs for babies, children, young adults, single adults, newly married couples, married couples with children, married couples with teenagers, empty nesters, divorced people, widows/widowers, senior adults, then people just don't want to go because their "needs" aren't being met? I just don't get it. I've been through several of these stages of life myself, and I just have never felt the need to have a church personalize anything for ME. I go for GOD. Don't get me wrong, I have past days of rebellion and disobedience, but at the time I was living that way, I KNEW it was rebellion and disobedience. I didn't question God and His word, I just knowingly disobeyed! I didn't call it trying to "find myself", I just didn't live right. Thankfully, God is merciful and full of grace, always waiting for the prodigals to return, and I did. But through all of that I knew I needed to be in a Bible believing church, regardless of what programs were available.

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Tony M said...

I sometimes wonder this same thing myself. I also wonder why we have to have "programs" to bring in the world... I figure, if we're concentrating on lifting up and praising Jesus, and discipling those who are already here, we won't need any "special features" to bring in the lost - the church membership will take care of that part of it. Those who are already "into it" will then want to bring their friends, classmates, coworkers, etc., and the church will grow ... um ... organically? Not really, more of a "from within" I guess. But maybe that's just me.