Thursday, April 24, 2008

Who's Listening?

While watching Dawson at soccer practice tonight, I listened to a couple of ladies talking. I know, I know, you're thinking this is becoming quite a bad habit of mine! You know how it is, though, sometimes you just can't help but to listen in. Well, once again the topic of discussion was church people. A mom, I'll call her "Soccer Mom", was saying that she had been at Chic-Fil-A earlier today and there was a group of church people there with their kids. She said these kids were being very mean to one another, saying things like, "I hate you!". Soccer Mom asked one of the kids, "What's on your shirt?". "________ Christian Academy", the kid replied. Soccer Mom then questioned the kid on what he was taught at this school. "Bible stories. I KNOW MY Bible stories". So Soccer Mom says, "Then be nice to each other. Isn't that what God tells you to do?". Haley and I just looked at each other wide-eyed. I told her, "You see. People are watching us!". Haley said, "And listening!". Another life lesson.

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Jane said...

Mm-hmmm.... people are definitely watching and listening to us. I've been guilty myself of having a discussion at a ball game and later thinking to myself, "Should I really have been talking about that issue in a public place like that?"

I just finished a great read called The Little Red Book of Wisdom by Mark DeMoss. I really enjoyed it. In one chapter, he talks about the fact that we are all in "PR" (public relations).

For example: When we eat at a new restaurant and love it, we can't help but tell people about it. When we eat there and have a horrible experience, we can't help but tell people about that, too.

That one is an obvious one, but our more subtle PR roles come when we are representing a group or a school or a church while we are out and about. He tells the story of a man who wrote a letter to the editor following a large convention in town that was specifically for Christians. This man, who worked at a hotel near the convention, wrote that the Christian guests at his establishment were among the rudest customers he'd ever encountered.

Wow! What awful PR for our Lord and Savior! It makes me wonder... what do our local restaurant servers think about the Sunday-after-church crowd? When they hear us talking and deduce that we are from WHBC, do they form a positive or negative opinion about our church?

It really is food for thought... (no pun intended).