Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sleep Talker, Jr.

Well, I'm not the only one sleep talking these days. My son has come to me in the middle of the night for the past two nights seemingly wide awake and talking clearly but about silly things. He has no recollection of doing that the next morning. The first night he came to me he said, "Mom, I need your help". "Help with what?" I asked. "I need you to help me make... um... make walkie talkies". OK, that's when I knew he wasn't awake. "Son, it's time to go back to bed and go to sleep". "OK, I love you" he replied. :) I told him about what he'd done the next morning and he thought it was funny.

Last night he came to my room. "MOM! I helped him." I was asleep this time, so it took me a minute, "What is it?". This time when he spoke his voice trembled and it alarmed me. "I helped put... the soup together". I turn on the light this time. Dwight wakes up and Dawson seems to realize where he is and looks embarrassed. He's cold and sweaty. Dwight asks him, "Son, are dreaming?". Dawson acts like he's awake but he still looks confused. Anyway, he went back to bed and it didn't happen again last night. This morning Dwight asked him if he slept well and if he had any dreams. Dawson doesn't remember any of it. Weird, huh?

Yesterday Dawson did share with me a bad dream that he had the night before. He said it was a large, scary Elmo with sharp teeth eating little kids! I couldn't help but laugh (I was trying to make it not seem scary). I asked him when he had watched Elmo (he's too old for Elmo). He hasn't, according to him, so the Elmo monster dream is still a mystery. I wonder what he was dreaming last night.

Haley went through this when she was younger. Only she had night terrors. Talk about scary! I didn't know what to do when that happened. Thankfully it only occurred a few times.

I really hope that my kids don't have the sleep problems that I do. I don't recall having troubles until my teen years, so maybe they'll be fine.

Oh, don't mention any of this to Dawson if you see him. It'll embarrass him and I don't want to do that (at least not about this). I'll embarrass him about other stuff when he's awake and can defend himself. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey. Christy!
I used to sleep-walk and -talk. Dad traveled a lot and I would sleep with mom; until I got into high school and was afraid I would tell her my secrets in my sleep!! Once I woke mom up looking for either scissors or a pencil in the bed. It was frequent, but I eventually out-grew it all. However, in early motherhood I probably did a lot in my sleep to help those babies!! Hopefully Dawson will outgrow it, but if you remember, write them down as it will humor him when he's older.


Scott Booker said...

I sleep sing. Actually I walk and talk in my sleep as well...but the singing is what drives my sweetie crazy. LOL I think it wouldnt bother her so much if I could actually sing....but...

You might mention this to the doctor and see if they have any recommendations. Different sleep habits can help.