Tuesday, March 25, 2008

don't be a cry baby!

In case you're wondering where I've been, I had a relapse with the flu. I thought I had kicked the virus, but it showed me and kicked me extra hard Saturday night! I have been in bed until now. This being sick stuff - and I mean really sick - is for the dogs! Which reminds me of the saying "sick as a dog". I'm sure you've heard that phrase before. It has never made much sense to me, so I googled it just now. It still doesn't make sense, though. I will say that when my dog is sick it's disgusting. She can't vomit just once, it has to be multiple times and usually on the carpet of all places! I guess that's the reason for the expression "sick as a dog". So now I'm thinking of other sayings/phrases/quotes and I thought I would share my favorites with you:

  • ugly as sin (or home made sin if REALLY ugly!)
  • can't never could
  • don't have a conniption fit!
  • excuse my French
  • fair to middling (what does this mean anyway?)
  • good Lord willing and the creek don't rise
  • hit by an ugly stick
  • jerk a knot in ya
  • scat cat your tail's on fire! (Granny used this to scare cats off her property)
  • I wouldn't give you a plug nickel
  • I don't trust him/her as far as I can throw him/her
  • I'll knock you clear into next week! (Mom used to say this to me)
  • that's a knee slapper! (My Papa would say this a lot)
  • pretty as a picture (Granny used this one)
  • for crying out loud!
  • too big for your britches
  • wake up and smell the coffee
  • well slap me naked and hide my clothes (I've never used this one, but it's funny!)
  • don't have a cow!
  • "I'll think about that tomorrow" (Scarlet O'Hara)
  • "fiddle dee dee" (Scarlet O'Hara)
  • "Life is hard; it's harder if you're stupid" (John Wayne)
  • "Sleep is the best cure for waking troubles" (Miguel de Cervantes)
  • "great balls of fire" (Scarlet O'Hara)
  • "What a maroon!" (Bugs Bunny)
  • "Wake up and go to sleep!" (one of the Three Stooges)
I'm curious to know what you're favorites are. So come on in and sit a spell! Now, don't be shy and y'all come back now, ya hear?


Anonymous said...

Check out the word detective at www.word-detective.com. I love to find out about some of the strange phrases we say.


Tony M said...

My grandmother always says, "'Welcome to my parlor!' said the spider to the fly," when greeting people who come to visit.

AmAnDa said...

I love oh bless her heart. We all know what that means. :-)