Monday, March 31, 2008

Can't wait

Well, we've taken the plung and bought a camper! We are extremely excited about this and cannot wait to go camping for a few days. When we can actually go is anybody's guess. This week the kids have SAT's. Maybe the next week - that'd be nice. We really enjoy getting away from it all and hanging out, taking it easy. I know some of you won't consider being in a camper being away from it all, but the "all" I mean is the everyday routine and telemarketers!

Our favorite place to go camping is Little Mountain Marina. This is a really nice place with two swimming pools, putt-putt, the river, playground, even hot tubs! They have Sunday church services and children's church. One of my favorite memories from there is attending the church service and worshipping with total strangers but feeling as if we were family! It's so cool how the body of Christ can do that.

On our first outing this year we hope to go to Fall Creek Falls. That is my happy place! It is absolutely beautiful. The last and only time we went was when the leaves had changed colors and it was perfect temperature wise. I'm sure it's just as lovely in the spring; hopefully I'll find out soon.

If any of you enjoy camping, let me know and maybe we can work out a group camping weekend. We did this one year with several friends from church. It was really nice getting to know them better and enjoying God's creation together.


Tony M said...

Well, we've been camping a time or two... but in a tent. Haven't pulled it out in a while, but we've enjoyed the few times we've been.

Scott Booker said...

I dont camp....but I have always wanted to travel cross county in an RV or camper. Just not the "Roughing it" kind of camping!! LOL