Friday, March 21, 2008

are we ever happy?

do not enter
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I was bedridden for two days. While feverish, achy and fatigued, all I could think was "I wish I could get out of this bed". But how many days have I been about my usual chores of sweeping, laundry, paying bills, etc., thinking, "I wish I could just go to bed"! When I see a sign that says, "No photos allowed" or "Do not touch", I admit that my first impulse is to do the forbidden - very juvenile of me, I know. So, why is it we (I'm assuming that I'm not alone in this) want what we can't/don't have? For the most part I DO consider myself a happy, contented person, but I have my moments.

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Scott Booker said...

Its not juvenile at all!! And I totally understand your feeling that way!!

Hope you are feeling better!!

Big Hugs!!!