Wednesday, February 20, 2008

why is it...

  • Why is it that when I lie down or sit down I think of something that I needed to look up on the Internet, but when I'm actually sitting at the computer I can't remember what it was?

  • Why is it that when I'm craving salsa to the point of hysteria I can't open the jar, but when it's not a big deal it pops open seemingly on its own?

  • Why is it that when I need to just quickly run in and out of Publix there are no close parking spots, but if I have all day to shop, there are multiple spaces near the doors?

  • Why is it that when I happen to remember my favorite TV show is on it's a rerun showing?

  • Why is it that I can write my thoughts decently, but if I try to explain them in person, I, ummm, well, ummm, can't seem to, ummm, you know, ummm, spit them out?!

  • Why is it that when I decide to have a bowl of cereal, there's no milk in the frig?

  • Why is it that I have more comments to my not-so-serious posts compared to the serious ones?


Scott Booker said... for that last one...this is the first post I am reading of it is getting one extra comment!! LOL

But those are interesting thoughts!!

See that you geocache as well! HAPPY CACHING!!

Tony M said...

I would leave a comment, but I'm not sure if this is a serious post or a not-so-serious one... should I comment? Or not? :)

Ok, did a little calculating (well, Excel did, but I set it up). Here's my tally, based on the following breakdown:

testing the waters - Not-So-Serious: 7 comments
started out on a strange note - Serious: 8 comments
sharing a post from my journal - Serious: 0 comments
A Second Look at Judges - Serious: 0 comments
Walk Like an Egyptian - Serious: 15 comments
Enjoying the Discussions - Serious: 0 comments
What I got from Malachi (another entry from my personal journal) - Serious: 0 comments
Too Much Information - Not-So-Serious: 1 comments
Sleep Talker in Action - Serious: 2 comments
I think I have a problem - Not-So-Serious: 4 comments
U2 3D - Not-So-Serious: 3 comments
Two blogs in one! - Serious: 8 comments
Fear of success - Not-So-Serious: 3 comments
Let me off this merry-go-round! - Not-So-Serious: 3 comments
what's on MY heart - Serious: 3 comments
a week behind - GRRR! - Serious: 5 comments
There's a monster in my closet! - Not-So-Serious: 2 comments
Mary, Mary, quite contrary... - Not-So-Serious: 1 comments
why is it... - Not-So-Serious: 2 comments (counting this one I'm currently writing)

Based on that (your def's of serious vs. not-so-serious may differ, feel free to reevaluate), here's my calculations:

10 Serious posts, 41 total comments, average of 4.1 comments per serious post;

9 not-so-serious posts, 26 total comments, average of 2.9 (rounded) comments per not-so-serious post

Thus, I think there are actually more comments on your serious posts than on your not-so-serious ones. However, had there been more not-so-serious, I'd assume that your readership doesn't feel confident enough to post comments (note: "confident" is not the word I want, nor is "authoritative" exactly it; I can't bring to mind the exact word I want to use, so if you think of it, please remind me!).

Hope that helps...

Christy said...

So, what's your point, Tony? ;)

Scott Booker said...

Tony confused me! LOL But I will post comments on both types! LOL

Tony M said...

I could probably make my comment even more confusing...

Tony M said...

And the running tally of comments on this post would adjust the "not-so-serious" in the upward direction.

Also, I notice that no one mentioned my grammatical error in my original comment... but I leave it to your review to try to find it...

Christy said...

You talking about the use of "here's" instead of "here are"?

Tony M said...

Correct! You're a winner! I'd give you a bag of green M&Ms, but I ate them all... sorry... :)