Thursday, February 7, 2008

U2 3D

YIPPE!! The U2 3D movie is coming to HSV. How cool is that? I don't think that I could ever afford attending a for real concert, so the 3D movie would be the next best thing. I think the whole concept of 3D concert movies is neato torpedo. I went to see the Hannah Montanta one w/ Haley and it was rather fun.

When I was checking out the website for the U2 3D movie (click on title above for link for movie) I saw the names of everyone in the band (I've only known Bono's name). Anyway, it was funny, the names appear, "BONO", "EDGE", "Adam Clayton", "Larry Mullen, Jr.". I just thought it funny that there's a Bono and an Edge then Larry, Jr.. he he! I mean, he could at least change it to just J.R. or something, couldn't he? Oh well.


Tony M said...

I once saw the Rolling Stones "in concert" in a theatre (IMAX or similar), back when I was in the Navy. My wife and my friend's wife got us tickets (yes, I went without my wife, and with another guy... :). We were both Stones fans, while our wives thought ill of us for it. They had fun sending us and not going, and we had fun going.

I like U2, too. And you two (you & your other half), too. Heh-heh.

Christy said...

The Stones are a guilty pleasure of mine from time to time, too. I don't admit that to everybody, though, so keep it under wraps! :)

Dwight said he didn't want to go see the U2 movie, so I might have to get Amanda, Callie or somebody else to go w/ me.

Amanda said...

I will Go with you. :-)