Monday, February 4, 2008

Sleep Talker in Action

July 26, 2005

Last night I dreamt that I was walking on a narrow, difficult path with an awkward burden on my back. The path or trail where I stood was on a creek bed with tree roots protruding out, stumps sticking slightly up above the surface of the water and slippery rocks peeking their heads up out of the water as well. I wasn’t alone on this path, so I wasn’t scared. I was frustrated from time to time, especially when I saw others who had decided to turn back and it made my journey even more difficult since the path was barely wide enough for one person. So when they approached me, I had to climb up the steep, slippery embankment to get out of their way. They wouldn’t even say “excuse me”, or acknowledge me or the others traveling forward at all.

Sometimes a person would pass me by, and we might make small talk about how difficult the path was. We wondered how much farther it would be, or if this was as hard as it got, and so on. I also made the observation on a couple of occasions that the branches and the roots of the trees that we used for support seemed to be getting weaker and would soon break off completely. This disturbed me, because I didn’t know how the others behind me would make it through without those branches and without those roots!

Well, I finally made it to shore, but once I got there it was madness! It seemed that everyone who had gone on before me had decided to just stop and sit once they got there! No one was going any farther! It was so congested! I couldn’t get past, especially with the burden I was carrying. Now, I was extremely frustrated. I mean, what’s the point of taking such a long, hard journey if you are only going to STOP and SIT DOWN and DO NOTHING?

Politely I said, “Excuse me” several times, but no one bothered to move. In fact, I was completely ignored. I tossed my burden across several people, hoping that would get their attention and help them to realize, “Oh, she’s serious and wants to keep going”, but they just kept on sitting there and kept on talking! Finally, I raised my voice and said again, “EXCUSE ME! Do you think you can stand up and move?”

Well, I actually said that phrase out loud and woke myself up! :) I’m bad about doing that, just ask Dwight. Since God often talks to me through my dreams, I felt compelled to record this one. I believe it has spiritual significance, don’t you? I pray that God will show you what He wants you to see. I already see what He wants me to.


lynwatson said...

Hey Christy,
Have you ever read "Little Pilgrims Progress" by John Bunyan? The dream you describe sounds similar to some of the aspects of the book "Little Pilgrims Progress".

Little Christian starts of on his journey to the "Celestial city" and he starts off with a "burden" on his back. At one point in the middle of his journey he reaches the cross where he is able to give up his burden there at the cross.

He then continues on his journey which has many other trials that he encounters. At the end of his journey he reaches the "Dark River" which he has to cross before he enters the gates of the Celestial City. The King sends guardians to protect Christian on his journey but he must cross the river on his own. He makes it to the other side and is able to enter the gates of the Celestial City.

As I read your post this book came to mind. We have been reading it here at our house. There is an adult version by the same author called "Pilgrims Progress". If you haven't read either of them, they are really good about a Christians spiritual journey on the road to a personal relationship with Christ.

Christy said...

Neat! It has been years since I tried reading the book, but I don't remember ever completing it. I need to give it another shot. Thanks!